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Glolifecare is the network who focuses on feminine hygiene for most student and women in india.Our products include sanitary napkin incinerator and napkin vending machine addressing hygiene requirements across the globe.Weare proud to be a member of swachh Bharat Abiyan .Get latest info on Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine at


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SANITARY NAPKIN VENDING MACHINE - FEMININE HYGIENE • Glo Life Care brings Innovation Convenience Safety and Economy to the area of female hygiene equipment manufacture. • Glo Life’s technocrat CEO has over 3 decades of Experience including heading RD with a major German company . So Glo Life is able to assure Precision Engineering and total reliability.

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SANITARY NAPKIN VENDING MACHINE - FEMININE HYGIENE • Glo Life Feminine Hygiene products are endorsed and bought by NGOs Government Bodies Health Education etc and some of India’s most respected Companies for internal use as well as for CSR. • Glo Life offers multiple options in sanitary napkin vending machines and Destroyers as an effective solution to Feminine Hygiene issues at work/ study.

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Feminine Hygiene – Problem and Solution A total of 82 of women experience some form of infection during menstruation. Common ailments are: • Itching Burning • Inflammation • Dermatitis • Vaginal candidacies yeast infection • Fallopian tube infection • Uterus Infection • Excessivie white discharge

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Feminine Hygiene – Problem and Solution A woman’s health is most vulnerable during menstruation. Sanitary pads/napkins are the only safe and healthy option for women while continuing their work/ study during their periods - timely availability is the key. Flushing used napkins down the toilet or disposal in garbage leads to other dangers. Blockage of drains and health hazards are common. Destroyers that reduce used Napkins to sterile Ash are the solution

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Feminine Hygiene – Problem and Solution Taking proper care with timely and right use of sanitary pads and disposing them hygienically helps eliminate the risk. Glo Life offers a complete range of sanitary napkin vending machines and destroyers that address these very needs

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GLO LIFE CARE EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD NO. 16/3 VIDYODHAYA 1ST CROSS STREET T. NAGAR CHENNAI 600017 TAMIL NADU INDIA Phone Nos. 044 42122517/ 044-2637 0877 Mail id: Contact Us

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