How Do You Store Chunky Jewellery

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Because it’s so big, it doesn’t fit standard jewellery boxes, such as stacked jewellery trays or Dulwich boxes.


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Welcome to Giftsintime:

Welcome to Giftsintime

How Do You Store Chunky Jewellery? :

How Do You Store Chunky Jewellery? It’s all the rage nowadays: chunky, unusually shaped jewellery. Chances are high that you own a piece or two; in fact, if you're reading this article, the chances are even higher, otherwise, why would you be reading it? Anyway, if you do own it, then you know how irritating it is to store. Traditional jewellery boxes just don’t have the space to accommodate big pieces. It’s silly that chunky jewellery isn’t addressed to more often in the jewellery storage industry. It’s quite difficult to find a jewellery collection that doesn’t have at least one chunky item. Just this Christmas, I was given a fantastic chunky bracelet. It doesn’t fit in any of my stacker jewellery trays, but apart from that, I’m super happy with the bracelet.

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I also know that chunky jewellery is loved by the glitzy and glamorous people – you only have to open a glossy magazine to see this. Actually, you don’t even have to open the magazine; it’s there, right on the front cover. Anyway, I digress. My point is this: chunky jewellery is beautiful and opulent, but when it comes to putting it away, it doesn’t receive the royal treatment that it should. Because it’s so big, it doesn’t fit standard jewellery boxes, such as stacked jewellery trays or Dulwich boxes. What can you do then?

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First thing first, you have to fight the common assumption that chunky = cheap. Blame Pat Butcher and her giant gold ‘pearl’ necklaces, or that Dorian from Birds of a Feather. They made us all think it was cheap…well, at least this is how we felt in the UK. Maybe other countries didn’t suffer the same ill fate. Fortunately , the tide is turning, and chunky is coming back into fashion. As we said, just look at the cover of the glossy magazines and you’ll see that they’re making a comeback. Unfortunately , the jewellery box makers have yet to catch up with our sense of fashion. Where does that leave us? Well, you have several options:

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Option 1: make your own box. If you're a bit handy at DIY then this can be incredibly fun. It’s also perfect because you can tailor the box to your collection. If you know you need to house five necklaces, six bracelets, 3 pairs of earrings, and seven rings, then you know how big your box needs to be. Option 2: if you’re not so good at DIY, or you simply don’t have the time or inclination to make your own box, you can always ask your local woodworker. You might not realise it, but most towns have artisans that can make things for you. It’s a great way to boost the local economy, and to get the perfect jewellery box. It’s a win-win situation.

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Option 3: you can use stands, rather than stacker trays or boxes. For example, you can store your chunky necklaces on a necklace tree. You won’t be able to get as many on there as you could if the necklaces were smaller, but it still keeps the tidy and prevents tangling. There are open ring trays, bracelet trees, and earing holders too.

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