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Science & Arts Academy 1825 Miner Street Des Plaines, Illinois 60016 847-827-7880 Science & Arts Academy is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational, not-for-profit day school for gifted students in Junior Kindergarten through eighth grade.


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5 Common Challenges that Gifted Learners face Gifted students are oftentimes envied by their peers and typically succeed in gifted learner programs in Chicago. Unfortunately that gift is not without its downside. In order to reach their maximum potential and take care of themselves the exceptional child must have sufficient emotional and social support. Unlike traditional schools we do everything we can at the Science and Arts Academy to ensure that their emotional and social needs are met. The problem is that the traditional schools don’t adjust to the needs of the gifted learner. That is why there is a need for gifted schools so that the comprehensive development can take place. Students that come to our gifted learner program in Chicago from the public education system typically face a number of different challenges that can make their lives difficult. We have listed the 5 most common ones here: Attempting to be perfect – perfection is often referred to as the “impossible goal” that many gifted students continually try to achieve without success. Granted having high expectations for your child is both healthy and normal. However it’s very important to ensure that their mental health isn’t negatively impacted by these expectations. Difficulties interacting socially – gifted children are socially mature when you consider their individual ages. Unfortunately it is a source of problems when it comes to peer interaction in social situations. Most students have difficulties transitioning into middle and high school but when you’re a gifted student the pressure is intense. Lack of free time – individuals in gifted learner programs in Chicago find their academic challenges and endeavors to be enjoyable. But when they are experiencing continual pressure and have little if any time to relax it ceases to be enjoyable. The heavy study load of gifted programs causes a great deal of strain and stress on young minds and can take its toll by leading to student burnout. Organization challenges – it is not uncommon for children in gifted learner programs in Chicago to have problems getting organized. After all many gifted students tend to be abstract thinkers. Therefore it’s easy for them to get overwhelmed at times and have difficulties breaking down larger projects.

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Problems focusing on coursework – gifted students occasionally suffer from a lack of focus on their homework because they don’t find it challenging or interesting enough. Despite continually striving to meet the student’s needs here at the Science and Arts Academy we occasionally experience some problems in this area. So we address such issues whenever they arise. For more information regarding our gifted learner programs in Chicago we invite you to call the Science and Arts Academy at your earliest convenience.

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It’s Time to start Planning Summer Activities for Gifted Students It’s difficult to know what type of summertime plans you should make for your child especially when they’re enrolled in a gifted school program in Chicago suburbs during the school year. You have a lot to think about such as academic programs community or residential camps and of course any family activities you have scheduled. Naturally you’ll sit down with your child or children to figure out your summer agenda. The main benefit for a child that participates in these types of summer activities is that they can experience additional learning gains. When it comes to choosing a camp or program for your gifted child there are numerous considerations including:  Are staff members flexible enough when it comes to meeting the academic athletic and musical abilities of your child  Are they emotionally and physically safe and welcoming formats  Do the staff members understand the physical and emotional needs of gifted children especially those from diverse backgrounds  Do they employ counselors who will help those children that have a difficult time making new friends or participating in activities  Do they have an adequate staff  Do they provide academic physical and social activities that are based on a goal or single philosophy Once you have discussed the above concerns with the administrator or representative of each activity or program that is on your candidate list you should talk with your child about these three factors:  Does your child think that the camp content activities programs are interesting  Is he or she ready for a community or residential camp In other words do they want to come home every evening community camp or stay overnight at the site for the duration of the program residential camp  What type of format or structure would they be happy with Make sure you don’t overlook the summer activities and programs at other gifted school campuses in Chicago suburbs in case your child isn’t happy with what their school offers. With a lot of options available you can make sure that your child can enjoy doing what they like.

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As a summer day camp leader for over two decades the Science and Arts Academy offers a range of summer learning adventures including 1 st to 8 th grade enrichment classes early childhood education physical education and weekly waterpark trips. More information is available on our Summer Programs page here at our website. If you would like more information on how to plan out your gifted student’s summer call the Science and Arts Academy today to further discuss your needs.

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Why do Traditional Classrooms fail Gifted Students Numerous research studies involving gifted students enrolled in public school systems have revealed a sad statistic – they have very few positive things to say about the time spent in the traditional classroom. These studies went on divulge other information about gifted students in the traditional classroom such as:  being very critical of their teachers  feeling that they know more than their teachers  getting bored and unengaged  a tendency to become underachievers The best case scenario is that they let the gifted student learn independently from the rest of the class unlike what they would experience in a gifted school in Chicago. At the Science and Arts Academy we are committed to serving the gifted student’s needs. We constantly strive to develop self-confident young men and women who are original thinkers and who can demonstrate their level of understanding by applying their skills and using them in more relevant ways. There are two reasons why traditional schools continually fail the gifted students in our society. First and foremost the notion of providing a more specialized education to the gifted student is somewhat offensive where our egalitarian sensibilities are concerned. To the uninformed the mentality is that the gifted student doesn’t need or deserve special help because they are being looked upon as specially privileged individuals. On the other hand our gifted school in Chicago believes in the equality of all students. We ensure that each child gets personalized attention and learns as per their interest and capabilities. Secondly there is an ever-growing atmosphere of anti-intellectualism in our culture and society today. Ironically we have no problem providing athletes or members of school orchestras with specialized training. However we resist providing gifted students more advanced educational curriculums. At the Science and Arts Academy we provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment in order to meet our student’s needs and their unique learning abilities. Consequently we are faced with the dilemma of making adjustments in our education system to accommodate moderately intellectual children or making adjustments for those children who are profoundly intellectual. Clearly the choice has been the first option. This has spread the resources allocated to gifted school in Chicago programs very thin. Consequently the extreme education needs are getting ignored.

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We are one of a very few independent schools in the state of Illinois that understands what it’s like to be a gifted and talented child. However our experience and expertise combined with the challenging and inspiring curriculum that we offer gifted students in smaller classroom environments is what separates us from the traditional classroom. It helps them learn better and ensures proper attention to enhance their skillsets.

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The Role of Extracurricular Activitiesin Gifted Education At the Science and Arts Academy students enrolled in our gifted education programs in Chicago have a day filled with different course studies that reflect our commitment to the highly intellectual learner. However it’s also important for students to participate in extracurricular activities during their “free” time. The right activities can be extremely engaging and richly rewarding while providing students with a way to make good use of that free time. The gifted student can benefit significantly from the extracurricular activities that we offer. We have specific goals where these activities are concerned including:  cultivating a strong sense of belonging  fostering school spirit  increasing collaboration between students of different grade levels  providing opportunities beyond the classroom to connect and engage with teachers While one particular extracurricular activity may be right for one student it might not work for the next. In any event here are several options to consider: Arts and crafts – just like music activities and classes arts and crafts have always had a place in gifted education programs in Chicago here at the Science and Arts Academy. This activity enables the student to express their creativity while using a different area of their brain in the process. Book clubs – gifted children typically enjoy reading. Whether book clubs are offered at your child’s school or not there are online book clubs available for them to check out as well. The main benefit is that being part of a book club allows students to dive into other types of reading besides their classroom requirements. Chess clubs and enrichment programs – your child can learn about strategy playing chess. Although there may be other games that your gifted child prefers chess can be on the most richly rewarding games of all. In addition to thinking strategically your child will be able to interact in a highly competitive environment. Music – although you’d think that extracurricular activities should be educational just like classroom curriculum some of them can be artistic as well. While music is one of our gifted education program offerings in Chicago it can benefit the mind of a gifted child by learning about different genres of music and learning how to play instruments. We have an excellent team of music teachers that are skilled and experienced with different instruments.

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These are just a few examples of the extracurricular activities that are currently offered. More information is available on our Beyond the Classroom page here at our website. If you would like additional information about our curriculum we encourage you to contact the Science and Arts Academy today.

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