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Science & Arts Academy 1825 Miner Street Des Plaines, Illinois 60016 (847) 827-7880 Science & Arts Academy is an independent, non-denominational, co-educational, not-for-profit day school for gifted students in Junior Kindergarten through eighth grade.


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Why have Gifted School Programs grown in Importance If you have a son or daughter that is exceptionally bright or gifted do you feel that the Chicago public education system is doing all they can to keep him or her engaged and interested in what they are studying Granted you cannot overstate the importance of supplementing your child’s education at home. However parental involvement might not be enough to nourish a gifted child’s thirst for educational challenges even when couple with their current public school curriculum. Consequently gifted school programs in Chicago suburbsfeatures a number of benefits over a public school education. As a result these types of educational programs cater specifically to those students that are labeled as gifted and are continuing to grow in importance every year. Furthermore it’s much easier to keep a gifted student engaged during the school day if they’re enrolled in a curriculum that was developed to address their educational needs. Consider the following benefits: Gifted school programs in Chicago suburbs are more flexible – if your second grade son or daughter is reading at the same level as a 6 th grader a teacher in the public school system may give him or her a book that was written at the 6 th grade level. While your child may be able to read and comprehend such a book this in no way implies that it is both age and reading level appropriate. Gifted school programs in Chicago suburbs have smaller classes – another benefit of gifted school programs is that there are fewer students per classroom. With budget cuts being what they are today public school classes typically have 30 or more students in them. A number of educational research studies have shown that students typically learn more in a smaller classroom environment. Gifted school programs in Chicago suburbs provide more advanced class options – these types of schools oftentimes provide their students with more advanced courses whereas a public school only offers a few advanced courses per grade level. If your child finishes them earlier than the rest of the class they will most likely be sitting in boredom until the rest of the class finishes. Gifted school teachers in Chicago suburbs can help smarter students learn – for the teacher that works in a gifted classroom environment they understand that there is a unique set of challenges and will know what is required to help them learn. It takes a special kind of teacher to do this because gifted students have a much greater thirst for learning and knowledge.

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How to improve a Gifted Learner’s Public Speaking Skills Teaching exceptionally bright students how to become leaders is one of the many goals of most gifted learner programs in Chicago. The hope is that these students will develop the type of confidence and skills required for influencing others toward the goals of:  leading intellectual developments within their own fields of expertise  taking part in self-fulfilling endeavors and roles  the greater good Leadership courses are an essential part of gifted education programs as it allows the student to study:  problem-solving of authentic real-time scenarios requiring good leadership  research examples of effective leaders both past and present  study leadership characteristics and qualities All of these are great experiences that should be included in gifted learner programs in Chicago. When a gifted student is on summer break and not enrolled in any kind of leadership program this would be the ideal time for them to practice his or her public speaking skills. Therefore if they want to be a transformational leader they must be able to effectively communicate through their public speaking efforts. Summer vacation provides the student with an excellent opportunity to work on their public speaking skills while their schedule is more flexible. We should encourage gifted teens and younger children to seek out public speaking opportunities in order to gain self-confidence and improve their skills while learning how to become good leaders. Here are several ways instructors and parents can help their gifted learner in Chicago improve their public speaking skills:  Establish a group like Toastmasters for teenagers or young children and have them meet on a regular basis to help and support one another with their goals of becoming better public speakers be sure to encourage them and provide feedback.  Find opportunities for preparing extemporaneous speeches in front of different groups such as family gatherings play groups recreational teams religious groups social clubs or volunteer organizations.  Have them research some great orators and speeches of the past by reading about them in a book or researching the information online.

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 Make YouTube videos of them making speeches or selling an imaginary or real product or service you can also use these videos as a means to provide constructive criticism and feedback as an improvement tool.  Set timelines for individual goals such as diction eye contact humor projection or anything else that needs to be developed as they practice public speaking. These are just a handful of helpful suggestions for helping the gifted learner in Chicago to start improving their public speaking skills and being self-confident at the same time.

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What should You expect from a Gifted Education Program Today’s public education systems operate on depleted resources. Consequently the number of programs that are geared to advanced or gifted students are being pushed to the side while public schools are desperately struggling to keep GPA’s up. If your son or daughter is extremely smart he or she will be able to flourish in gifted education programs in Chicago that cater to their academic needs. With few exceptions schools for gifted children are able to tailor their curriculums to accomplish this. However finding the right program for your child does require some research on your behalf. NO “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach to Education The reality is that students who are exceptionally bright in a fine arts curriculum may not be as exceptional in one that focuses on mathematics. Therefore you want to enroll your child in a gifted school program that offers multiple class levels for students who possess different abilities in different curriculums. However you want to ensure your child that they aren’t any less intelligent just because the class they’re enrolled in has a lower level of difficulty. Remember a gifted education program in Chicago should not favor the abilities of one child over another in any subject area. Gifted Education Programs need Teachers to be Excellent In other words gifted schools must employ instructors who can teach at their level of learning. They must be creative and capable of planning lessons that keep students eager and engaged about learning. Furthermore they must tailor these lessons for children who are quick learners. Contrary to popular belief exceptionally smart boys and girls don’t require more homework than the average student. They simply need different forms of homework. Be sure that the teachers in the gifted education program in Chicago that you select are creative and engaging regardless of the subject matter. Gifted Schools should offer Students Unique Academic Experiences Classes developed for gifted students offer considerably more in the way of academic experiences than what the standard classroom does. Rather than teaching students English history mathematics or other subjects instructors in gifted school programs might have their students direct a movie about the Civil War. Or they may have them compose an essay as though it were written from that period of time in US history. So before you select a particular gifted education program in Chicago for your child you want to be sure and find out what types of projects your child will be involved with.

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