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A presentation for writers, students and scholars to write and score better in writing a book review. This presentation contains various tips that can be used to improve the writing skills of and stand out as the best in performing in your academic writing. View the presentation to find out more..


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Writing a book review carries the need of the reader to understand and identify the style of writing which the author has preferred for writing his/her book. There are four brief styles that one can choose to explain the writing style and can be defined namely as: 1. Descriptive 2. Narrative 3. Argumentative 4. Exposition

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Descriptive Here, Author prefers kind of style that helps the reader visualize the whole plot that he wishes to explain. This can include a detailed description of background, surrounding along with detailed expression in words. Note : Here, visualizing the scenario is easy as one proceeds with the books and chapters and this makes the style of writing and presenting clear, and descriptive.

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Narrative Here, author/writer writes in a way as if he/she is retelling a story. Story and the series of events that take place are presented in a chronological manner. All events are related. The order of events may be changed to make the story more appealing.

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Argumentative Debate form of writing. Here the author uses various facts, ideas and strong concrete statements to convince the reader for their facts and points. These books carry strong emphasize over their focussed topics and if written well, can change the view of the reader as well.

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Exposition Another form of storytelling for fiction and non-fiction. Here, the main focus stays on the background along with main story and both are given equal importance. Writing art used for non fiction.

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