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German shepherd breeds are good-natured, devoted dogs make excellent pets for individuals and families, and tend to be protective of their family. German shepherd breeder in Florida is dedicated to producing top quality imported German shepherd puppies.


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WEL COME TO German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Florida - With International  Performance-Breeding-Pedigree Certification (The Famous Pink Papers)

Slide2: German Shepherd Stud Service Ignatz vom Kabinett born, trained and titled in Germany  IPO 3 - Breed Survey - DOB 08-25-2011 2013: Winner of the GS Competition, Young Dog Class at the  State Show of the LG Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Germany. 2014: "V2" Show ranking at the US Siegershow in St. Louis, where he also received the 2nd best ranking in bite work. To watch Ignatz bite work See His Competition Work at US Sieger Show here   Ignatz is a great young stud, full of energy with a great temperament. 


German Shepherd VS American Shepherd Breeding German Shepherd Puppies with parents from Germany, which have a Breed Survey Certificate In 1899, Rittmeister (Captain) Max von Stephanitz created the breed of German Shepherd Dogs in Germany and founded the SV – Schaeferhund Verein Germany. He used intelligent herding dogs (shepherd dogs) to create a single breed that could serve instead of the several different highly specialized breeds farmers were using to work their flocks of sheep. He dreamt of a single, multi-purposed dog that could herd sheep, protect boundaries, defend against predators, protect the shepherd, his property and his family and still lie down in the house to play with the children at the end of the day. He set out with determination to select the best dogs exhibiting the desired traits and started building his breeding program. He was a very methodical man with a plan and he produced some very detailed documents to guide breeders in their efforts. Max devised a breed worthiness test, to insure that all German Shepherd Dogs used in breeding were of good temperament and possessed pronounced working drives and exhibited a correct structure. All dogs have to obtain this certification in order to be breed-worthy. It is called a breed survey and gives us a detailed assessment and recommendations in regards to the dog’s breed worthiness. It entails a working title ( Schutzhund /IPO or herding) an endurance test (running 12.5 miles beside a bike), a temperament test, an obedience test, a conformation title and a courage test. This is a very tedious, expensive and time-consuming process, but it insures that only the best dogs are used in breeding, therefore protecting the standards of this breed we love so well .

Slide4: CONTACT US Vom Geisterholz Kennels Florida German Shepherd Breeder Klaus Langenbach , SV-Member since 1974 German Shepherd Breeder Since 1975 PO Box 1476, Lehigh Acres, Fl 33970 Phone/Fax: 239-690-2005 email address: Website: Member of the  Gulf Coast Schutzhund Club Ft. Myers, Inc.

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