How to choose a right German shepherd dog for your family

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German shepherd puppies are a breed of medium to large sized working dog. These pups are incredibly intelligent and capable canines ready to work. They are also ready to play, snuggle and make you laugh uncontrollably.


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---------------------------------The end------------------------------ How to choose a right German shepherd dog for your family German shepherds are one of the most popular breeds of dogs today. Your dog is special. It is your best friend companion and source of unconditional love. The important characteristics of German shepherd puppies are Loyal easy going protective intelligent highly active and an excellent guard dog. There are many sources that offer purebred German shepherd puppies but finding a reputable source takes time to research and buying a puppy is not to be taken lightly as it brings new and added responsibilities to you the new owner. Your decision will affect your life for many years to come so youll want to make the best most informed one that is possible.

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---------------------------------The end------------------------------ If they are used to guard the family home and are kenneled outside the kennels should be heated and of the correct size. German shepherds are quite large and strong animals and can cause severe damage to anyone they attack in order for them to become effective guard dogs and family pets they must be well socialized as puppies otherwise their temperament becomes unstable. Their characteristics are to protect either the family home or the family or both similarly where they are used by the police and military they become extremely loyal to their handler and are able to distinguish between threatening and non-threatening situations. They are very intelligent animals and love to work. Being large dogs they do require a lot of exercises. If they are not exercised properly they become bored and destructive. If you are thinking of owning a German shepherd you should consider the certain health threats that they are liable to suffer from two of the most common are hips and joint problems and pancreas problems being unable to create proper digestive enzymes leading to them not being able to pass feces. Advice from a dog breeder should help you when choosing a dog from this breed. If you do choose a German shepherd puppy as a pet you must understand that it is essential to socialize him to yourself and your family then they will become protective and loving guard dogs. Make sure they get plenty of exercises and the correct diet and try to find as much about the breed as possible before buying one. These dogs are usually great with kids and are extremely protective of their environment and the family. But do choose carefully with this breed before buying one. Contact Us Klaus Langenbach SV-Member since 1974 German shepherd Breeder Since 1975 PO Box 1476 Lehigh Acres FL 33970 Phone/Fax: 239-690-2005 Email address: Website:

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