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Ningbo Honghuan Geotextile Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of woven and non woven geotextile fabric in China. We are committed to offer our customers the widest range of high quality and optimum price products and engineering services to enable them to implement challenging projects and meet their targets in terms of performances, cost and time.


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Ningbo Honghuan Geotextile:

Ningbo Honghuan Geotextile

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Ningbo Honghuan Geotextile was established at 2003, and dedicated in woven geotextile and nonwoven geotextile industry for more than 10 years. After ten years effort and development, now we became one of the leading high strength woven geotextile manufactory in China, we have 100 more workers, 15000 square meters plant, sales amount above 12 million USD in 2013. In 2014, we established Yuyao Honghuan Trading Co.,LTD, and started business of Geomembranes, Geogrids, GCL and other geosynthectic products. With rapid growing, we will push ourselves to become a leading supplier of geosynthetic products in China.

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Geotextiles are perfect materials for foundation works, for example, streets, harbors, and numerous others. Contingent upon the kind of use, geotextiles can be open work write, twist weaved structure, or with a shut texture surface, for example, a non-woven. This sort of geotextile will have an extraordinary thickness and porousness qualities to avoid soil tainting and will enable water to stream in without harming the quality and basic limit of the street. Woven Geotextile can be utilized as a part of the accompanying applications to enhance unpaved and cleared streets in air terminal runways On landfills and stone base courses Beneath walkways and sand seepage layer Underneath parking areas and control zones

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On the off chance that you are building a street, developing a parking garage, settling material organizing zones or fixing/introducing a rock carport, woven geotextiles perform at an abnormal state and spare time and cash. Geotextile separation fabric produced using polypropylene cut film yarns. These ground adjustment geotextiles, in some cases known as Driveway Fabric; have high elasticity at low lengthening. They diminish support costs and enhance the execution of cleared and unpaved surfaces.Woven geotextiles utilized for ground adjustment limit rutting and avert intermixing of the total with the delicate soils beneath. Consider woven geotextiles as reasonable protection for your total. They spare time and cash by diminishing or killing the requirement for extra shake.

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Singular strings, be it monofilaments, fibrillated yarns, opening movies or other material, are woven together on a linger one extensive, uniform piece. This procedure gives woven geotextiles a high load limit, which makes them useful for applications like street development. Weaving strings or movies together means these geotextiles aren't exceptionally permeable, which makes them a poor fit for ventures where waste is vital. That same trademark makes them perfect for some disintegration control ventures where water must be disregarded a surface without depleting through to the dirt underneath. Woven geotextiles will likewise oppose erosion and hold up for long haul applications. China woven geotextile fabric manufacturer

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Our factory along with our partners focus on most kinds of woven geotextiles and nonwoven geotextiles together with it’s extension products-geotube. In woven geotextile field, we manufacture and supply silt film woven geotextile, monofilament woven geotextile and mutifilaent woven geotextile. In nonwoven geotextile field, we manufacture and supply filament nonwoven geotextile, short fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextile, and thermocalendered nonwoven geotextile. In geotube field, we manufacture and supply dewatering geotube and revetment geotube. In order to give our customers more faith in our quality, we work with GSI- LAB and GAL-LAB to test our geosysthetic products, to ensure our products are qualified. With good quality, our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions all over the world.

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MAILING ADDRESS:No. 36, Fengyi road, South district, Yuyao Economic Development Zone, Yuyao, Zhejiang, China EMAIL ADDRESS: ivan@nbhonghuan.com PHONE NUMBER: +8613486669777 Website: http://www.geotextile-fabric.com


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