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Form and Expectations Responses and Actions:

Form and Expectations Responses and Actions Tempore Productions Georgia Marchant

Form and Expectation:

Form and Expectation We asked our audience a set of questions on what they expect to find in our trailer and these are the results. I made the questionnaire on and asked twenty willing people to answer honestly. SURVEY HERE:

Do you expect a trailer to run in chronological order?:

Do you expect a trailer to run in chronological order? This is the first question in our form and expectations survey (2). I decided to ask the audience if they thought a trailer should be in chronological order even though I know that they usually aren’t. I wanted to ask this to see if the audience knew what to expect from our trailer. If they expect the same thing as us then they are more likely to like it. 90% of our part takers said no, a trailer should not be in chronological order which is what were expecting because it is a common convention that traditional trailers are fragmented and show off all different parts of the full film. 10% said they think it should be in chronological order. We put this down to them either miss-clicking or not knowing what chronological order is. However their opinion has not been unheard because we want parts of our trailer to be from the same scene and so them parts would be slightly chronological.

Do you expect whole conversations throughout the trailer?:

Do you expect whole conversations throughout the trailer? In our second question, we got a similar response to before with one person answering differently to the majority. The aim of this question was the same as before, see what the audience expect from our trailer because they’ve seen it in other trailers before. By whole conversations we meant chunky dialogue that takes up most of our allocated time so the audience doesn’t get to see all that our film offers. 90% thought this was a bad idea, didn’t expect it and didn’t want it so we will follow what they expect because we feel this will show off more of our film better. The other 10% either think whole conversations are a good idea, perhaps in a voice over so the trailer can still progress, or have miss-clicked again but much like question one we are still taking this answer into account because we wish to add short conversations that give hints to our film, in our trailer in the style of voice overs.

How many characters should we use?:

How many characters should we use? This question got a variation of response that meant we could play around with what we decided to go with. The majority of our voters (55%) said that 6 characters would be a good number to include in our trailer and by characters we mean main characters that do not include extras. We have taken this information on board and have started to brainstorm some ideas for characters and so far have come up with five but are looking to use more but because most of the answers lie around ‘5’ and ‘6’ we know that we can perhaps use less characters although we would like more. We know that 4 and below are too little characters to fully show off our cast and their involvement in our trailer and although seven is a good number for characters anything more in our trailer may make it confusing so we have agreed that seven will be our maximum.

How many locations should we use?:

How many locations should we use? For this question, we asked about locations and how many there should be. The majority of our part takers (60%) said they’d like to see five locations which we think is a respectable number to use as any less would be too little and any more may get confusing. The locations we have brainstormed so far are: A park A police station A ordinary house This is not the only locations we will use though, we want to include another two ‘main ones’ and other littler ones that are only on screen for no more than two seconds.

Do you think there should be costume changes?:

Do you think there should be costume changes? Yes No

How many costume changes should we use?:

How many costume changes should we use? We know that in our trailer it will be a good idea to have costume changes to show that the film isn’t just set on one day but we wanted to ask our audience how many they think would be a good number. The majority of our audience (55%) said that two costume changes would be a good idea which we agree with because its not too big of a number where the audience will start to get confused at who is who and its shows that the trailer shows a course of days in our film. For some of our characters we want them to have more costume changes and others less because it fits their role in our film.

Should there be a shift in time (day to night/night to day)?:

Should there be a shift in time (day to night/night to day)? This question goes hand-in-hand with the one before because they both show different times and days which we would like in our trailer to go with the variation of characters, locations and costumes however it was down to the audience to tell us if they expected it like we did. Surprisingly, 100% of our audience said that they were in agreement and wanted there to be a time shift. We purposely didn’t ask how many though because we already have a rough plan as to what time of the day things are going to happen and the most important part was if the audience wanted time shifts which they do so we can go ahead with our plan. Our plan was to make some of the bad events in the film happen at night as the dark and low key colours of the night create the negative atmosphere we want and the more positive parts to happen during the days as the high key lighting of day time create a positive atmosphere.

Do you expect to see a title?:

Do you expect to see a title? It is a common and obvious convention that a trailer has the film title in it and we knew we wanted to put it in the trailer however we still wanted to ask our audience if they expected it or not. The purpose of this question was to see if they expected it and if they did it meant we would spend a lot more time putting detail into it and giving it it’s own unique design and font because if the audience expects something they also expect a standard and it is a standard we wish to reach or even better, exceed. 100% of our audience said they expected a title so we now know that we have to work hard on our design and animation for it in order to wow them and make it memorable so it stays in their heads which builds anticipation for release day.

Do you expect to see engaging questions that makes the audience think?:

Do you expect to see engaging questions that makes the audience think? This question created mixed responses within our audience although 90% did say yes. The other 10% that said no may think that if a trailer’s footage is engaging enough itself, it doesn’t need the engaging questions and although we respect their opinion we wish to go with the majority’s vote because questions asked directly to the audience in the form of questions really make them think and keep them engaged. We make them ask questions that we wont answer so it builds anticipation for the full film where they will find out the answer.

Do you expect to see a release date?:

Do you expect to see a release date? For his question 95%of the audience said they’d like to see a release date where 5% said they wouldn’t. The term ‘release sate’ is very vague because ‘date’ could mean an actual date, month, season or even ‘coming soon’ so this member of our audience may have taken it literally and thought that they didn’t expect to see an actual date because a lot of film trailers use the words ‘coming soon’ because it builds anticipation as the audience is waiting for the release date and then its release. This is the same path we wish to take with our trailer because we hope it builds the same anticipation.

An institutional billing block is mandatory but how about actors/actresses names?:

An institutional billing block is mandatory but how about actors/actresses names? In trailers, the institutional billing block is mandatory because it gives credit to the crew however actors and actresses names are not and it is sometimes seen and sometimes not. We asked our audience if they’d like to see it and if the majority said yes, we’d include them not if the majority said no, we wouldn’t. The majority (60%) said they would like to see the actors and actresses names as a title in our trailer so we will include them. This helps build publicity for the actors/actresses because if the audience likes their performance here, they’ll search their other films and hopefully watch them. We wish to include all our main actors and actresses names only.

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