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GENRE SURVEY RESPONSES Tempore Productions Georgia Marchant


We asked twenty people to take our genre survey so that we could use their feedback and apply it to our trailer in order to maximise our audience approval ratings. These are the results we gathered and our responses to them: In order to gather this information we created the survey on


QUESTION 1 We started off our project by choosing a genre we wanted to create a trailer on. After planning and doing some research we wanted to create a hybrid/sub-genre film in the genres mystery-fantasy . We decided to ask the public some questions on genre in order to help us decide if we made the right decision. The first question we asked was this one. The results came back and said that 80% of our part takers reckoned action genre films are films that have been created or produced the most. This told us that deciding to do a trailer for a mystery/fantasy film was a good idea because if we chose action as our genre, what we created would almost be a copy of what’s been done before and that is not what we were aiming for. Crime has no results which means that 0% of people thought that crime i s a genre that has not been created most. With a bit of tweaking, we believed that mystery was a lot like crime but without all the gore. This worked well for us as our pitch storyline focused more on the aftermath of a victims death, not on the death itself. We wanted to express our originality and so choosing to do the genre that has no results seemed best fitting to us, however doing a film that has hardly been done according to the public is a little bit dangerous as films are created with the audience in mind. If action films have been produced a lot, it means the audience like it. If a genre has hardly any films to it that the audience know of, it means the audience isn’t in high demand of it, however if we aimed to create a film trailer that showed off parts of a film that is as good as some of the legendary crime films, it may break the mould and the audience will want to watch it.


QUESTION 2 This is question two out of eight for the genre survey. Here we asked the opposite to the first question: what genre is created least? This question was asked with the intention of helping to get to our final decision of what genre we were definitely going to create. After looking at the results, it had confirmed our original idea which was to create a trailer for a film of crime/mystery drama as 80% of our partakers chose crime for their answer. As mentioned previously however, we are going to adapt the crime genre into mystery because crime films usually rely heavily on gore, guns and elaborate fight scenes and we want to take an approach that is different by including very little violence, no guns and little to no blood and have the story plot based mostly on the solving of the crime, not the crime itself so the mystery genre fit our idea better. 15% of the part takers said that romance was created the least and this got us thinking. We decided we would add a romance between two characters so the audience can watch their relationship grow and can relate and connect with it as it is a lot easier to connect with a romantic relationship then the alienation of someone who can time travel. We took inspiration from The Time Traveller’s Wife which has a fantasy element to it because the main character can time travel. For us, to work with a character that could time travel would be really fun and also interesting to blend with the genre of mystery.


QUESTION 3 Once we knew our genre, we wanted to ask the audience if they thought it would be interesting enough to create a trailer for a full film of. Along with our genre, we gave them some other possible genres to choose from so we got their honest opinion. 10% of our part takers said that action thriller interested them. This may be because there is a lot of content for the action films and films of the thriller genre and usually they are really interesting with good special effects, plots, characters etc. and to put them together, would only, theoretically make the content even better. Whilst we agreed with their possible point, the fact that there is so much content out there already for both genres, we didn’t want to fall into the trap of accidentally reproducing someone else’s work. This is the same for action adventure. Even though only 5% of our audience said they’d be interested in an acti on adventure film we still took it into account for an alternative genre of film if our original idea didn’t work out, but after looking at some of our favourite films and recent ones to come out in cinema, we realised that a lot of them were action adve nture or had some aspects of it and we didn’t want to fall into the same trap that we might have if we did an action thriller film. 75% of our audience went for the genre that we picked for our film originally – fantasy mystery. This may be because it is not a very common hybrid genre and usually fantasy films get a big audience as there is no limit to creativity and the audience love to see what has been created. To mix this with mystery gets the audience thinking as to what we will create and if it will be interesting to watch and therefore build their anticipation. If the trailer we create is successful then the audience may want to watch the full film.


QUESTION 4 After confirming our genre, we wanted to confirm with the public that a time traveller actually fits in with the fantasy genre. For this question, we asked the public to forget about other films that they’ve seen time travellers in and focus mainly on the fact that a character could travel through time and what genre they would fit into. We were aiming for the majority of the public to say fantasy as that is also what we believe someone of this ability should fit in to and luckily enough the results that we looked at after asking twenty people the question said that 75% of our part takers believed that a time traveller would fit into the fantasy genre. This may be because time travel cannot happen in the real world and typically, things that cannot happen in the real world (magic, dragons, wizards etc.) are part of the fantasy genre. Another 10% of our part takers believed that time travellers fit into the romance genre, this may be because time travellers are found in some really famous romance films such as About Time and The Time Travellers Wife, but because the majority of the votes went to fantasy, we know that we are going to include a time traveller in our fantasy-mystery film and to please the part takers who believe they belong to the romance genre, we will include some romance between two characters as It is very common for a romance to blossom between two characters in films anyway.


QUESTION 5 We also wanted to ask the audience what they liked /was interested by the most about the mystery genre because we wanted to be sure to get in all their favourite parts of it in order to make our trailer as appealing and interesting as possible. 55% of the audience came back and said that figuring out the answers as they watched the film is the best part of mystery genres which worked out well for us because we can use barthes codes in order to give away clues but not answers so the audience can guess and ask questions and then ultimately want to watch the film so they can get the answers. 20% of the audience we asked said the characters were most interesting which is understandable because they make up a lot of the film. Because of this answer we have decided to take extra care when designing our characters so we can make them interesting enough for the audience. Finally 25% said the plot twist is always the most interesting when it comes to watching a film because it is what causes the most reaction. When deciding some key part for our trailer and the full film, we knew we wanted to have a plot twist but didn’t know if it was to cliché. This result tells us to include it because this type of cliché is good for films. Even though the other two options (the resolution and the problem) did not get any results we know we still want to focus on them, especially the problem in the film trailer as it is the anchor point of the film and the events that happen in it are influenced by it. The resolution will not be shown in our trailer as this is not a common convention for film trailers and to include it will spoil the full film and the audiences anticipation.


QUESTION 6 We also asked the same question as before for the fantasy genre but changed some of the answers to fit its conventions more. There was at least one person for each option given which means we’ll have to include an aspect of each like we would have done anyway even if one option got no results however the option that got the most results was the bottom one – no limit to creativity – with 65% of people choosing it. This means we will have to work really hard in order to wow the audience with our creativity skills and also thinking of ways to show it effectively – this most likely will be through editing and the situations we put our characters in. The answer with the second most votes is the fact that anything can happen. This answer is almost the second part to the previous answer in a way where our level of creativity determines what actually happens but we know to work extra hard in order to make what actually happens, effect the audience in as much of a way possible. The characters and their costumes also had results but at a much lower rate (5% and 10%). Although they only had such a low result we know to take care when planning them in order to infer as much as possible because we only have 2 mins 30 seconds to get across the best bits of the film in order to persuade the audience to watch the full production so character types and their backstory is mostly left to how they can be identified through their costume, their location and their mannerisms.


QUESTION 7 We wanted to ask our audience this so we knew who they were expecting to see in our film trailer. We decided we wanted to base our plot more around the mystery genre and have aspects from the fantasy genre weaved in it to make it more post modern. One answer was chosen by every single person who took the survey and that was a detective, antagonist and victim. This is understandable as its almost a convention for a mystery film to have such characters and so our trailer will only follow the genre truly if we use these types of characters. We also thought it would be good to add some more characters too in order to show the audience a wide range of characters that will be in the full film.


QUESTION 8 Finally we took some character types found in other films and one from ours that is most associated with the fantasy genre and asked the audience which character is closely associated with the genre. Of course the obvious answer is our time traveller however we wanted to see if the audience agreed. 80% did agree however 20% thought that an average human fit into the genre as well. In a way they aren’t wrong as some fantasy films have those with abilities and those without to show their contrast however this isn’t specifically what we asked them. The answers also may have been chose by a mis -click but it doesn’t matter too much because the majority answer is the answer we will focus on in our film when tying in the fantasy element.

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