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George Schiaffino: Many investors today want to add real estate to their investment portfolios, but they don’t understand the complex nuances of real estate investing or how to begin the process. Real estate investing is substantially different from investing in stocks, bonds, and CDs. Here are some tips shared by George Schiaffino to help you achieve whatever investing goals you've put in mind.


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Tips for Real Estate Investing Success:

Tips for Real Estate Investing Success


Introduction Many people are heading towards investing these days because of the opportunities it could offer to them. While being an agent could be very rewarding sometimes, especially if you do your job well, it will never be as rewarding as real estate investing is. The main difference between these two jobs relies mostly in mindset. Becoming an agent doesn't really require a lot of vision. However, being a real estate investor has a lot to do with vision, especially if you want to make the most out of it. If you're thinking of getting on board of investing, here are some tips shared by George Schiaffino to help you achieve whatever investing goals you've put in mind.

Good Planning Skills:

Good Planning Skills Investing has probably more to do with planning more than any other business aspect. I like to keep my plans simple and small. It's true that having the big picture is really beneficial when it comes to this type of business, but breaking down your goals into small, achievable and manageable chunks could literally help you focus on your big goal better. Also, when you plan to achieving a specific goal, try to put it within a time frame so you'll be more efficient at managing your time.

Try Not to Spend, Contribute:

Try Not to Spend, Contribute The biggest problem with today's mentality is that many people don't know the difference between what they want and what they need. In order for you to manage your money more effectively, you need to spend some of it on things you can't survive without. The rest of the money should really go into your investing ventures.

Limit Your Desire:

Limit Your Desire Many people complain about the fact that they have several months in the business and they weren't able to generate the income that they've expected. Real estate investing is a long-term rewarding job, so don't expect anything big in your first months. Instead, try to focus on your work and how you're going to be able to improve it.

It's All About the Outlook:

It's All About the Outlook As George Schiaffino said before, real estate investing is all about the way you think and act. If you don't succeed at sorting things out in your mind first, you'll never be able to apply anything in the real world. A good mindset consists of being a hard as well as smart worker, an efficient time and money manager and a consistent person who sticks with a project until they make it work.

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