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FP OLC and Sun-Tech merged resources in 2003 and is now the largest manufacturer of roadway lighting controls in the world

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Lighting Control Communication Modules (LCCM) USB Base Station Radio Stick Sky Control Scheduler Software Ethernet Base Station Radio Wi-OLC System Components…

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Remote Base Station Located Inside 7” x 7” x 3” high Remote Base Station in Weather Proof Enclosure Shown with Pole Mounting Hardware 10” x 11” x 6” deep Remote Base Station Options….

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Installs and Configures Automatically Self-organizing, Self-healing Mesh Network Proven ZigBee Technology Communication Range of 2000 ft Per Hop with up to 6 Hops Up To 100 LCCMs per Base Station How Does It Work….

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Replace Existing Photocontrols LCCM Photo Sensors Turn On at Dusk and Off Whenever You Want Via Radio Override. Improve Your Present Lighting Control…. Replace 10 of 20 Photocontrols with LCCMs and Turn Off the Lights at 10 PM

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A Similar Lot with Contactor Control Contactor Energizes a String of Lights at Dusk LCCMs Turn Off Individual Lights Via Radio Override Contactor De-Energizes the String at Dawn Improve Your Present Lighting Control…. LCCMs are added to 10 of the 20 Lights and Turn Off Those Lights at 12 Midnight

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Easily Calculated Energy Savings Turn Ten 1000 Watt Lights Off at Mid-Night, Weekends and Holidays Saves 2/3 Energy Costs ($4,600/yr Savings) Turn One Hundred 1000 Watt Lights Off - Save $46K Wow! What You Can Expect….

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Easily Calculated C02 Emission Reduction Turn Ten 1000 Watt Light Off at Mid-Night, Weekends and Holidays Prevents 2/3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions (46,000lbs/yr) Turn One Hundred 1000 Watt Lights Off and Prevent 233 TONS! What You Can Expect….

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You Can Use The Wi-OLC on Remote Systems…. System can be Controlled From Anywhere in the World via the Internet

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Set Programs for Individual Lights or Groups of Lights Allows for Daily / Weekly / 365 Day Scheduling – Including Holiday and Special Events Unlimited Number of Schedules SKY Control Scheduler Software…

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Diagnostics Feature Lamp Failed / Lamp Not Starting Lamp Cycling Eliminates the cost of night-time patrols SKY Control Scheduler Software…

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Recording Energy Consumed Recording Energy Saved vs. Dusk to Dawn SKY Control Scheduler Software…

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Records KWH readings to Microsoft Access Database for: Data Analysis Export to Billing Systems SKY Control Scheduler Software…

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Typical Area Light Typical Roadway Light Typical Decorative Light Decorative Pole Mount Enclosure Easy Installation on Any Outdoor Light

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Typical Installation of a photocontrol receptacle takes less than 15 minutes If You Do Not Have Twistlock Receptacles…. Model: FPAT902-1 Model: FPNS476-71

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Safety and Security of Outdoor Lighting… Light Levels for Convenience and Comfort Typical Applications: High usage periods at Commercial and Industrial Parking Lots 15 to 50 foot candles * Illumination Engineering Society of North America recommends 3.0 foot candles for safety and security lighting. Turning off 30-60% of the lights typically will not compromise safety or security. Typical Applications: Minimal usage periods at Commercial and Industrial Parking lots 3.0 foot candles* Light Levels for Safety and Security

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Your Next Step…. We can provide a demonstration and review the specific benefits for your application! Phone: 508-821-1597 Web: www.fpolc.com

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