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India’s Best and most trusted Intraday Trading Automatic Buy and Sell Signals Software with 90-95 accuracy for Indian Stock market NSE Nifty 50, MCX Commodity trading @ Just Rs.5000/Life Time License. Free android app and live web charts for 1 year worth Rs.12000.Now Trade from home, Office or on the go with our ultra-accurate genetic algorithm and artificial intelligence powered automatic buy and sell trading software. Our software will tell when to buy a stock and when to sell a stock with accurate three target levels (Tar1, Tar2, and Tar3).Now everyone make a daily profit of minimum 2000 rupees with very minimum investment with the help of our auto buy sell signal software.


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GenieTraderPro How to Interpret the Trading signals Confidential Powered by Genie Groups

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Welcome to GenieTraderPro Hi mate Greeting from Hope this PDF document finds you with good health and wealth. In this PDF document we are going to explain you step by step on how to interpret the trading signals generated by our intraday trading software Genie Trading system.Our genie trading software will help you to analyze the Indian share market in a better and easy way. Our software will indicate buy signals and sell signals based upon the technical analysis and also it will alert you with the stop loss points and also target points. Below is the screenshot of our trading system.

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 Dashboard will display the current buy or sell position with the Sell or Buy price and also the current profit /loss points.  Green color up arrow is the Buy signal.  Red color down arrow in the Sell signal.  Green color dotted lines are the Buy side trailing stop loss lines.  Red color dotted lines are the Sell side trailing stop loss lines.  The Three red lines are target points Target 1 Target 2 Target 3 for you. Based upon your risk you can choose your own target points.  The circle inside our trading system and also few indicators listed below namely RSI MACD Stoch and ADX are known as trend watchers which will help you analyze that how other indicator are performing in the present market conditions. Note: Trend watchers are not used for taking trading decisions.  The Green and Red histograms famously known as sideways detector in our genie trading system are the core and main feature of our software. It will help you analyze the sideways market in a better way and take trading decisions to know further about our genie trading system click here. In the further screenshots we will explain on how to interpret between a correct signal and false signal and also the different trading strategies that are applicable for our software:

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Buy signal in Bank Nifty 15044.3 what to do Is it a correct signal Yes off course it’s a correct BUY signal look at the sideways detector histogram two consecutive green lines are formed. Hurry now and execute the Buy order It’s a perfect and accurate signal. Sell signal in NIFTY 8111.55 what to do Is it a correct signal Yes off course it’s a correct SELL signal look at the sideways detector histogram two consecutive red lines are formed. Hurry now and execute the Sell order It’s a perfect and accurate signal.

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A Few examples for Wrong signals:

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Different types of trading methods: Two types of trading styles are possible with our genie trading system they are namely i Risk Free Trading Method. ii Risk Reward Trading Method. Risk Reward Trading Method:

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Buy signal two green lines are formed and so we have entered the trade …Oh no after sometime if two continuous red lines are formed in the sideways detector what to do next do we need to exit If you follow the Trading Method “Risk Reward: If blank space or two opposite color lines appear in the sideways detector also you will not exit the trade. Once you have entered the trade after getting the entry confirmation from the sideways detector there is no look back you have to accept whatever the market rewards for the risk you have taken. Risk Free Trading Method:

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If you follow the Trading Method “Risk Free: If blank space or two opposite color lines appear in the sideways detector you need to exit the trade immediately and then wait for the two continuous same color lines to reappear. If two same color histograms are formed you can reenter the trade and for more details on how to trade please visit our website and get to know about our trading in a deeper and way and also you can find many more examples which will in turn help you to understand in a better manner. Our Trading system cost is just 5000 /Life time and also you will get an android app and live web charts subscription free for 1 year worth Rs.12000. You can buy online by visiting our payment page. Features and few words about the Genie Trading system: Our genie trading system is a strategy with the base of artificial intelligence and genetic algorithm which is exclusively designed by a strong pool of technical analysts and financial experts for an accuracy of 90- 95 in any stock market conditions. The techniques in the software are very easy and there is no professional knowledge required to handle our trading system so even a very less educated one can easily handle our trading system and make better profits. Our software works in all the segments of the stock market NSE BSE and MCX futures options cash markets and also it generates signals for the intraday as well as positional trading. This buy sell signal software easy handling and understanding interface makes it suitable for everyone Stock brokers Business man’s Retired office workers House wives and for even college students. Even employed persons can you stock market trading after returning from the office. Since the MCX market timings are from 10.00 am to 11.30 pm employed guys can do evening market trading session and make money. This trading software is a complete one stop solution for every trader who wishes to make money in the stock market trading. For more queries visit our website Follow us on twitter Like us in Facebook Circle us in Google

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