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P a t h w a y o f t h e A m e r i c a s Heidi Alvarez Presents… AmericasPATH STAR TAP Annual Meeting INET 2001, Stockholm, Sweden June 5, 2001

The AMPATH Project: 

The AMPATH Project AMPATH is a project led by FIU, in collaboration with Global Crossing (GC), to interconnect the R&E networks in South and Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico to US and non-US R&E networks via Internet2's Abilene network GC’s terrestrial and submarine optical-fiber networks (SAC, PAC and MAC) are used to build the AMPATH network

AMPATH Project Goals: 

AMPATH Project Goals Extend the U.S.’ research and education community for high-performance networking to South and Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Enable participating countries to contribute to the research and development of applications for the advancement of science and Internet technologies. To serve as the Pathway for Research and Education Networking in the Americas and to the World.

AMPATH Service Area: 

AMPATH Service Area Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Costa Rica Mexico Panama Peru Puerto Rico US Virgin Islands Venezuela


St. Croix Venezuela Brazil Argentina Chile Peru Colombia Panama Mexico Puerto Rico REUNA RETINA REACCIUN AMPATH CINTEL NAP Of The Americas Abilene STAR TAP AMPATH Network Service Fiber Pairs Protection Fiber Pairs Global Crossing’s MAC/SAC/PAC

Request for Application Information for AMPATH : 

Request for Application Information for AMPATH Gemini South Observatory—James Kennedy, Chile NASA International Space Station (allowing scientists to conduct experiments is space)—Bob Bradford, USA Modeling 13-C and 15-N Chemical Shifts in Crystalline systems—Julio C. Facelli, USA and Marta Ferraro, Argentina Light Parallel Applications on Large-Scale Mulit-Institution Computational Grids—Walfredo Cirne, Brazil See to tell us about other applications between US Science and the AMPATH Service Area.

Applications for AMPATH at FIU: 

Applications for AMPATH at FIU High-Performance Database Resource Center Collaboration with US Geological Survey. Research will use Internet 2 to transfer 20TB+ of satellite and other remote sensing data to HPDRC data center for ingest into TerraFly application. Once database is built, it will be one of the worlds largest extended GIS system available on the web Access Grid. Preparing to present in SC 2001 Global, and to connect interested AMPATH participants to the conference.

AMPATH Workshop: 

AMPATH Workshop FIU AMPATH Workshop to Identify Areas of Scientific Collaboration between the US and the AMPATH Service Area August 16, 2001 Florida International University Koven’s Conference Center at Biscayne Bay Campus (wireless and Internet2 access will be provided) Miami, Florida Look for details this week via email and on


Project Time Line June 2001 AMPATH PoP in service from GC’s PoP in Telehouse; Connect Chile; Present AMPATH at STAR TAP Annual Meeting/ INET (June 5-8); Connect Puerto Rico Connect Brazil and Argentina; Conduct workshop at FIU to identify science applications for collaboration in AMPATH Service Area July 2001 Dec 2001 Connect Panama, Mexico, USVI, Colombia; Establish OC3 connection to STAR TAP and secure AMPATH’s participation in Starlight optical project; Participate in SC 2001/SC Global conference July 2002 Work with Project Participants to exceed bandwidth utilization, achieving project success Dec 2002 Connect Peru and Venezuela Connect remaining countries in the AMPATH Service Area


P a t h w a y o f t h e A m e r i c a s AmericasPATH For more information or

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