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Recruiting andamp; Retaining Adults


Objectives Explain the Committee’s role in recruiting adult leaders Identify the types of adults sought State the training available for new crew adults List the keys to successful adult retention

Committee’s Role: 

Committee’s Role Primary responsibility of Crew Committee is to provide adequate adult leadership Recruit energetic, responsible adults Certify their acceptance by the charter organization Encourage adult leader training

Who Are The Adults?: 

Who Are The Adults? Responsible andamp; high moral character Desirable role model for teens Supports BSA andamp; Charter Org’n standards Enjoy working with young adults Capable of motivating, teaching, and coaching teens Encourage andamp; support teens’ challenging activities

Where To Find Them?: 

Where To Find Them? Church Outdoor/Sports stores Military Teachers Activity/Adventure clubs Sponsoring organization Service clubs Parents Graduating Scout leaders

Adult Training : 

Adult Training Crew Advisor Fast Start Video and Written New Leader Essentials Venturing Leader Specific Training Youth Protection

Keys to Retention: 

Keys to Retention Training—give them the tools to succeed Authority—more than chaperones Responsibility—to match their talents andamp; desires Scheduling—share the burden (remember the session on 'Delegating?') Activity—adults want to play, too


Summary Crew committee charged with recruiting adults leadership for the crew Want enthusiastic, responsible role models for the youth Training helps ensure the adults succeed Key to retaining them is making them feel part of the adult leadership team

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