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Personality Traits of Leaders: 

Personality Traits of Leaders What type of personality traits does it take to lead?


Objectives Define personality traits Describe and understand the 'Big Five Model of Personality' Review other common personality traits in leaders


Definitions Trait – Distinguishing personal characteristics Personality – a combination of traits that classifies as individual’s behavior

The Big Model of Personality: 

The Big Model of Personality Surgency Adjustment Openness to Experience Conscientiousness Agreeableness Lussier, R. N. and Achua, C. F. (2001).


Surgency Leadership and extraversion traits. Interesting in getting ahead Leading through influencing Individuals are outgoing Likes to meet new people Willing to confront others


Agreeableness Traits related to getting along with others. Characteristics include warm, easygoing, compassionate, friendly, and sociable. Individuals typically are sociable and have lots of friends.


Adjustable Traits related to emotional stability. The fine line between stable and unstable. Stable is being calm, good under pressure, relaxed, and secure Unstable is nervous, poor under pressure, insecure


Conscientiousness Includes traits related to achievement. Traits include high credibility, conformity, and organization. Individuals typically work hard and put in extra time and effort to meet goals.

Openness to Experience: 

Openness to Experience Trait related to being willing to change and try new things. Individuals typically are willing to take calculated risks.

Conclusions of the Big 5: 

Conclusions of the Big 5 Many organizations use the 'Big Five Model of Personality.' It has universal application. Leaders need to know their personality type. Best predictor of job performance is conscientiousness dimension.

Effective Leader Traits: 

Effective Leader Traits Dominance Flexibility Stability Self Confidence Sensitivity to Others Intelligence High Energy Locus of Control Integrity

Derailed Leadership Traits: 

Derailed Leadership Traits Bullying Style Viewed as being cold / arrogant Betrayed personal trust Self centered Unable to delegate Low performing organization


Conclusions You don’t have to have all these traits You need to know your own self Know your strengths / weaknesses Work on the weak points to get better

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