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Hi pls. furnish me a copy of this presentation. This is a very good module to teach and learn about types of temperament. Thanks.

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Personalities Do you have one?


                                                                                                                      Right hemisphere (Intuitive) Left hemisphere (Logical)

Four quadrants: 

Four quadrants In simple terms , the left hemisphere specializes in logical, analytical, sequential processes while the right hemisphere does the intuitive, emotional, visual thinking. This is further subdivided into the cerebral and limbic centers. This is not new and basically every personality system since the early Greeks (first written record) has used four basic temperaments or personalities. You have one temperament or a combination of two (not three).

Personality systems: 

  Personality systems

Another system: 

Phlegmatic Sanguine Melancholic Choleric Another system

And another: 

Phlegmatic Sanguine Melancholic Choleric And another

Four main types: 

Four main types

How different personalities act: 

How different personalities act Choleric says work Melancholic says organize Phlegmatic says rest Sanguine says talk You are either a combination of two personalities or just one. No single personality is any better or worse than any other. Each personality has its own advantages and disadvantages. Strengths and weaknesses (deep, cute, easygoing, strong) Stories (Photocopier, unpacking a box, meeting)

Personality characteristics: 

Choloric Likes authority Confident Firm Enjoys challenges Problem solver Bold Goal driven Strong willed Self reliant Persistent Takes charge Determined Enterprising Competitive Productive Purposeful Adventurous Independent Controlling Action oriented Sanguine Enthusiastic Visionary Energetic Promoter Mixes easily Fun-loving Spontaneous Creative-new ideas Optimistic Infectious laughter Takes Risks Motivator Very verbal Friendly Enjoys popularity Likes variety Enjoys change Group oriented Initiator Inspirational Melancholic Enjoys instructions Consistent Reserved Practical Factual Perfectionistic Detailed Inquisitive Persistent Sensitive Accurate Controlled Predictable Orderly Conscientious Discerning Analytical Precise Scheduled Deliberate Phlegmatic Sensitive feelings Calm Non-demanding Avoids confrontations Enjoys routine Warm and relational Adaptable Thoughtful Patient Good listener Loyal Even keeled Gives in Indecisive Dislikes change Dry humor Sympathetic Nurturing Tolerant Peace maker Personality characteristics


Personalities How do they effect the way you teach? Methodical  Verbal Goals  Standards Verbal  Goals Standards  Methodical

Personality roles and goals: 

If life was a movie then   Personality goals Approach to life Personality needs Personality roles and goals

What are you?: 

  What are you?


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