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RESEARCH Before I created a logo for our production name I decided to have a look at other well known logos to help me with some ideas… Nike logo is very simple which makes it very effective. The YouTube logo suits the name due to the red square symbolising a TV screen. The logo is also very simple and unique which makes it easily recognisable. Logitech’s logo is of a webcam which suits the company’s product. It is also simple and different so customers will easily remember and recognise the logo. Apple uses a logo of a computerised apple which suits the idea of the company selling electronics. The logo is easily recognised by everyone and doesn’t need any text to display the company’s name as the logo says it all. The Mc Donald's logo represents Mc Donald's really well with a big yellow ‘M’. The ‘M’ is in a bright yellow colour to make it stand out wherever you are. The logo is very simple which makes it easy for someone to recognise.

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I chose this look for the logo as it was a unique design which no one else would use. It also relates well to the production name ‘The Red Onions’ which makes it noticeable and easy to remember. If I had created a logo which was completely irrelevant to the production name, then it wouldn’t be a suitable logo. Logos always have to be simple yet affective so that audiences find it recognisable if they see it somewhere else, which is why I have chosen this simple but easily remembered design. The logo is quite plain which gives it a professional look, whereas if I had made it very cartoony and childish look then it would have made us seem amateur. The RED NI NS Idea logo one…

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Idea logo two… This was my second logo idea. To create the cartoon onion, I got a photo of an onion off of the internet, where I then edited to create a face, and arms. This made our logo look fun and unique to any other type of logo. I think that it relates to our production name which also makes it look professional as having an irrelevant image to our logo name would have made it look stupid. I chose to increase the font size as it would make the logo look more interesting and stand out. It also makes it easy to read for all audiences. The logo is easy for people to remember which is good for promotion as people will be able to relate to our production company easily if they see our logo anywhere else.     The group decided to go with this logo as they thought that it suited our production name the best. They also thought that it made our group look fun yet professional at the same time and they thought it was very unique and easily recognisable.

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Idea logo three… The third logo idea I came up with was this. I designed this logo to make our production name look more fun and interesting. I decided to make the production name ‘The Red Onions’ in a dark red font which relates to the ‘red onions’. The cartoon images of happy onions makes the logo look attractive and eye catching which allows the audience to easily remember and relate to our logo and production name. The images also make our production company look quite fun as if I had chosen to just have the name ‘ The Red Onions’ and nothing else, the logo would make us look quite boring and effortless.

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