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Female... The women’s clothing during the fifties usually consisted of nipped in waistlines and rounded shoulders with either straight and fitted skirts, or full layered skirts. These were either bright bold colours, or with patterns on such as polka dots or big flowers. Things like flat hats, headscarves, brooches, gloves and pearls accompanied most outfits worn either around the home or when out and about. For our film trailer, we will be trying to include these types of clothing such as: A line skirts, short fitted Jackets and full length dresses. These can be purchased for reasonable prices from some high street shops, or from the internet on websites such as Amazon or Ebay. We could also take a look at some charity shops to find a cheaper and more true alternative as these items of clothing would have come straight from the fifties rather than someone else’s remake. Many of these styles were published in vogue magazine as pull out patterns so the general public could make their own clothing

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Men’s fashion during the early 1950’s was very smart. They tended to wear suits with ties, double breasted straight jackets with straight trousers, and handkerchiefs on view in the outside pocket. For a more everyday look, they would wear a v-neck jumper over a shirt, with trousers or a waistcoat with trousers. Towards the end of the decade, suits changed to just single breasted two piece suits with narrower lines and sharper looking shoulders and the suits were generally grey in colour. These looks were often shown by famous people such as the Teddy Boys and Elvis Presley. M ale... For our film trailer we will be trying to include these types of clothing for the detectives. However we will be adding braces and will be trying to find a brown suit rather than the usual grey to be different and to stand out. The parts of the suit are easy to buy from most retail stores such as Debenhams but we could probably find some cheaper alternatives from websites like Ebay and Amazon, or we could look for genuine fifties clothing from places like charity shops.


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