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Print without wires. From all your devices anywhere in the home. Very handy. We put the options of wireless printing for you here.


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Add Printer A Guide To Wireless Printing

A Guide To wireless printing:

A Guide To wireless printing Parts of a printer Using a print server A network A wired network A wireless network Wireless printing from tablets and smartphones


Introduction Mobile and wireless are the keywords of the current time. So you probably have next to your PC or laptop meantime tablet and / or smartphone. But if you want to print something, you do comes back to the computer where your printer is connected. That is easier to use: to print wirelessly. Not only from your PC or laptop, as well as tablet or smartphone. In this Blog we take different options at a glance. For example, you can share your old printer purchase a home network or a server. But by far the most comfortable solution is to purchase a modern Wi-Fi printer. This makes it possible to quickly, smoothly and print from all modern appliances .

Parts of a printer:

Parts of a printer You can use a printer connected to your computer, sharing on the network. This does have some drawbacks : The computer to which the printer is connected, turned you want to print . You can not print from smartphones and tablets . On the computer or laptop that you want to print, you must first search for the printer and set up before you can print . So you can ask yourself whether it is not easy things you want to print mailing it to yourself and then print from the computer attached to the printer.


But if you do not mind the drawbacks, you can try sharing your add a printer once. On the computer to which the printer is connected, open Control Panel and choose Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers. Then click the printer you want to share and choose to Share . In the new window that appears, you indicate that you want to share this printer. Also consider a "Share Name". This can be any name: it is simply meant to make you recognize the printer on other devices. Click OK. Now you go into the Control Panel, Network Center. Turn here Printer Sharing and then click OK . Then you do once for all PCs and laptops that allows you to use the printer as follows: Go to Control Panel and choose for Hardware and Sound. Select Add Printer and select Network. You should see the name you have chosen for your printer. Select it and set it as the default printer. You can now print!

Using a print server:

Using a print server Another solution for your existing printer is connected to a server. This is a small device that you connect to your printer IP address via a USB cable and to your router via a network cable (there are also wireless versions that you do not need a network cable between the print server and router). After connecting, installing the supplied software and follow the steps. Then your printer on your wireless devices available in your network, and you can now easily add and set as the default printer. Again, you can not print from your smartphone or tablet. A server will cost a few bucks: for that money, you also have a good wifi printer.

A network:

A network Newer models of printers usually have a built-in print server. Therefore, these printers are called network printers. These devices are wired and wireless (Wi-Fi). The current generation of inkjet printers are generally wireless network printers. When it comes to ease of use, a wireless printer is the best buy. You have them all from sixty dollar.

A wired network:

A wired network Wired network printers can connect directly to your router using its USB cable. The printer offline will automatically connect to your network. After installing the appropriate software to print wirelessly. The printer is now available on all your wireless devices on your network, and you can add simply and set as the default printer. Printing from smart phone or tablet is not possible.

A wireless network:

A wireless network Actually, the wireless network (also known as Wi-Fi printer) modern standard. As for the connection he is using friendliest. You can put it anywhere in the house and printing from all devices in the home. So from your smartphone or tablet.

The installation procedure varies by manufacturer, but some follow these steps::

The installation procedure varies by manufacturer, but some follow these steps: To install the appropriate software on your PC. Consult the manual. Then connect the printer to your computer using a USB cable. This way you can make the correct wireless settings to the printer. Then you can again disconnect the printer offline from your PC. The printer is now available on all wireless devices in your network.

Wireless printing from tablets and smartphones:

Wireless printing from tablets and smartphones As you can see from the above, it is only with a modern Wi-Fi printer possible to print directly from a smartphone or tablet. But while you do need the help of apps. Several manufacturers of network printers deliver next printers also apps for smartphones and tablets.

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