How to transfer music from iPod to iPod


Presentation Description Have bought a new iPod and wish to transfer all the music files from your old iPod to the new one instead of downloading and purchasing them again? This tutorial shows you how to transfer music from iPod to iPod with one click.


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How to transfer music from iPod to iPod


Firstly, congratulations that you have got a new iPod. Instead of downloading and purchasing a great number of songs to fill your new device, you may prefer to transfer the existing music from your old iPod to the new one. How to do it? You just think of iTunes. However, iTunes is just a one-way manager for iPad, iPhone and iPod. You can only use it to sync files from computer to iPod. To transfer from iPod to iPod, you should depend on third-party software.


Part 1. Transfer Music from iPod to iPod (music gotten from other resources) iTunes is unable to copy music you got from other resources. Thus, you need a third-party tool like Coolmuster iPad iPhone iPod to Computer Transfer (for Windows users) or iPad iPhone iPod to Mac Transfer (for Mac users) to help you deal with media files between iPad/iPhone/iPod and computer/iTunes. You can use it to transfer music, photos, movies, books, etc. from iPod to computer and then re-sync them to your new iPod. It works like this: Step 1. Run the transfer and connect iPod to computer Preparations: Download the program, set up and run it on your Windows or Mac computer.


Step 2. Copy songs from old iPod to new iPod In the left panel, you should see all your iPod contents are categorized here. Just click the "Music" folder, choose the songs you decide to transfer and click the big button of "Export" to launch the transference. Then, there will be pop-up window asking you to choose an output location. Choose where you want to save on your computer and click "OK" to export the music files to computer.


After exporting all your desired music to your computer, eject the old iPod and plug your new iPod into the computer. Launch iTunes and re-sync these music files to your new iPod. That’s all about how to transfer music you got from other resources from iPod to iPod. Articles You Might Want to Know: Top Music Apps for iPod/iPhone/iPad How to Freely Share iPod Music Songs


Part 2. Copy Songs from Old iPod to New iPod (music purchased from iTunes store) If you only want to transfer iTunes store purchases from iPod to new iPod, you can accomplish the transferring task without installing third-party software. iTunes is enough! 1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC. Choose the Store menu and choose Authorize Computer. 2. A dialog box would pop-up, just type your Apple ID or AOL screen name and password and then click the button of Authorize. 3. Dock your new iPod to the computer and iTunes will find your iPod. Just right-click on your iPod in the iTunes Source list and choose Transfer Purchases.


Part 3. Directly Sync All Music from One iPod to Another If you want to transfer all music songs from one iPod device to another, you have to try the two ways mentioned in the above to get all music songs copied to another iPod. That's a little troublesome, right? Here, you can rely on this Mobile Transfer (for Windows) or Mobile Transfer for Mac software to sync all music songs from one iPod to another iPod device, no matter they are purchased from the iTunes or not.


Steps to use it to copy all music from one iPod to another: > First of all, open the installed software on the computer and then get the two iPod devices connected to the computer via the USB cords. Then this software will detect the devices and show you the below interface where you need to choose the Phone to Phone Transfer mode to continue the process. > Then you can enter the Music folder on the top panel to preview more detailed file information and select the wanted files by ticking them out. > Now, hit the right or left arrow direction to sync music from one iPod to another and wait for the process to get completed within a little while.

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