Aluminium Sheet Dealers and Manufacturers in UAE


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Aluminium Sheet Suppliers Aluminium sheet suppliers provide different grades of aluminium sheets. They survey the site or place where aluminium sheets need to be installed. They help customers choose a product which is suitable for their application. They explain about each grade of aluminium to help you narrow down your search. Some Popular Grades of Aluminium Sheets Grade 1100-H14 Is known to offer the best ductility for welding a deep draws. It is used for most commercial applications. Grade 3003-H14 It is the most economical aluminium grade. It is corrosion resistant and dependable. It is best suited for cabinets, tanks and other similar applications. Grade 5052-H32 This is a corrosion resistant grade of aluminium sheet metal. It is very robust in design and very flexible. It is used for constructing acid container tanks. Visit to contact Aluminium Sheets Suppliers in UAE i.e. at


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Aluminium Suppliers in UAE


Some Popular Grades of Aluminium Sheets


Grade 1100- H14


Grade 3003- H14


Grade 5052- H32


Grade 6061- T6


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