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Eva Dimmock Customer Relationship Manager Inspec on EBSCOhost

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Presentation Layout The IEE / Inspec – Background Inspec Database - Content, Structure and Coverage Inspec on EBSCO host Value Added Fields - Bibliographic searching - Special indexing searching


The IEE The Institution of Electrical Engineers Established in 1871 Learned Society (Not-For-Profit) Largest Professional Engineering Society in Europe 140,000 members worldwide Primary Publisher (journals, books, conference proceedings) Secondary Publisher: Inspec Fast-track to Innovation


Leading Multidisciplinary Database Physics Electrical & Electronics Engineering Computing & Control Engineering Information Technology for Business Manufacturing & Production Engineering Journals, Conferences and Other Documents Global Coverage International Recognition for High Quality What is Inspec?


Cardiff Glasgow Belfast Dublin INSPEC is produced in STEVENAGE IEE is based in LONDON IEE/nspec Where are we? London


Contains over 8 Million Records Nearly 8,000 records added every week Covers 35 years of Electronic Data Covers research from 140+ Countries Over 3,400 Journals & 3,000 Other Publications Inspec Database Size

Record Types: 

Record Types Others includes: Book / Book Chapter Reports Patents (1969-76) Dissertations

Inspec Database Subjects: 

Inspec Database Subjects Figures correct as of Jan 2004


A0 General A1 Elementary Particles A2 Nuclear Physics A3 Atomic & Molecular A4 Fundamental Physics A5 Plasmas & Discharges A6 Solid State, Non-electronic A7 Solid State, Electronic A8 Cross-disciplinary Physics A9 Geophysics & Astronomy Physics 4.7 million records

Electrical & Electronic 2.7 million: 

B0 General, Maths and Materials B1 Circuits B2 Components, Electron Devices B3 Magnetic Devices & Materials B4 Optoelectronics B5 Electromagnetic Fields B6 Communications B7 Instruments & Applications B8 Power Systems Electrical & Electronic 2.7 million


C0 General Management C1 Systems & Control Theory C3 Control Technology C4 Numerical & Computer Theory C5 Computer Hardware C6 Computer Software C7 Computer Applications Computing & Control 2.1 M million


traffic control Traffic signal control by Egograms environmental science Impact of science and technology on energy and environmental research and development pacemakers Paradoxical undersensing at a high sensitivity in dual chamber pacemakers photography Color handling in panoramic photography computer games A principal cognitive precondition of successful child-computer interactions in the information society laser printers Long-haul lasers [buyer's guide] radar Fully integrated automotive radar sensor with versatile resolution radiation effects Modeling natural space ionizing radiation effects on external materials manufacturing Analysis of a decentralized production-inventory system nanotechnology Molecular motors: nature's nanomachines Diverse Coverage

World-Wide Coverage: 

World-Wide Coverage Percent

Inspec Top 25 Publishers: 

Inspec Top 25 Publishers Academic Press Japanese Journal Appl. Physics ACM Kluwer Academic Publishers AIP MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing Allerton Press Opt. Soc. America American Geophys. Union Plenum APS Science Press Astron. Soc. Pacific SPIE-Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. Elsevier Springer-Verlag Gordon & Breech Taylor & Francis IEE Univ. of Chicago Press IEEE Wiley IOP Publishing World Scientific Inst. Electron. Inf. & Commun. Eng.


Rapid growth of full text linking infrastructure 50 to 60% or current records have DOIs XML file for 1969-2003 Over 1 million of DOIs Corrected Data New E-section XML archival file 1898-1969 Original and enhanced indexing Available for purchase or lease Inspec Latest Developments


Data from 1969 – over 8 million records Updated weekly User friendly Interfaces - Basic or Advanced Search - Thesaurus, Classification and Journal Listing Wide range of Search Fields and Limits Easy to use Indexes Search History in Advanced Search Links to full text, Opac and other resources Inspec on EBSCOhost


EBSCOhost Basic Search Screen


EBSCOhost Advanced Screen


Advanced Screen Field Codes


Advanced Screen Limits


Search Screen with Results


Links from Inspec Records


Inspec Record on EBSCOhost

Added Value Subject Fields: 

Added Value Subject Fields

Added Value Subject Fields Overview: 

Added Value Subject Fields Overview Identifiers improve your results – providing you with a more relevant set of records Inspec Headings (Thesaurus Terms) enable you to broaden your search in any ‘Inspec’ subject Classification Codes are useful for navigating your search to broad research areas or for repeated search of very specific narrow topics (e.g. for alerts) Treatment Codes refine your search by the type of research you are interested in Chemical, Numerical and Astronomical data can be searched when these are significant to your search

Inspec Thesaurus : 

Inspec Thesaurus

Inspec Thesaurus Use Example: 

Inspec Thesaurus Use Example Search Example: asynchronous motors Display several records and browse Inspec Headings: Repeat the search using Inspec Headings

Inspec Classification : 

Inspec Classification A - Physics B - Electrical & Electronics C - Computers & Control D - Information Technology for Business E - Manufacturing & Production Engineering B7230G

Classification Browsing: 

Classification Browsing

Inspec Classification Use Example: 

Electrical & Electronic Engineering Instrumentation & Applications Measurement Equipment Image sensors Sensing devices and transducers Inspec Classification Use Example

Treatment Codes: 

Applications Bibliography Economic Experimental General or review New developments Practical Product Review (1985) Theoretical or Mathematical Treatment Codes

Treatment Codes Use Example: 

Search Topic: Multimedia - (hardware) 1. Bibliography 2. Economic 3. Product Review Treatment Codes Use Example

Chemical Data (from 1987): 

Chemical Data (from 1987) Basic roles el element Co/el, H/el, Mn/el bin binary system H2O/bin, He-Ne/bin ss 3 or more components GaAlAs/ss, FeCoSi/ss Additional roles dop dopant Si/dop int interface GaAs/int sur surface/substrate Si/sur, GaAs/sur ads adsorbate CO/ads, H2S/ads

Chemical Data Use Example : 

Chemical Data Use Example

Numerical Data (from 1987): 

Numerical Data (from 1987) Search topic: temperature of 100 ºC From Numerical Thesaurus

Numerical Data Use Example: 

wavelength 1.16 m ni wavelength 1.6e-06 current 3mA ni current 3.0e-03 power 2mW ni power 2.0e-03. temperature 20 to 85°C ni temperature 2.93e+02 n3 3.58e+02 Numerical Data Use Example

Bibliographic Indexes: 

Author (incl. Editor) AU Author Affiliation (Company) AF Publication Language LA Publication Year YR Document Source SO Accession Number AN Publication Type PT Journal Name JN CODEN, ISSN, ISBN CO, IS, IB Volume, Issue VI, IP Conference Details CF Number of References RF Bibliographic Indexes


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