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ASTRA Group (Ramburs-Agrotech): 

ASTRA Group (Ramburs-Agrotech) COMPANY HISTORY 1995 – Company foundation – United Grain Group 1997 – Opening 14 rep offices in Ukraine 2002 – Sales of 1 mln. tons of grain in Europe (Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Egypt), North Africa (Tunis, Morocco), member GAFTA, FOSTA, owner of 6 elevators in Ukraine and Russia 2003 – Exclusive AGCO distributor in Ukraine for Massey Ferguson, White, AgChem brands 2004 – Split of grain business and industrial sales. Merger with Axial Company (one of the agriculture market leaders in Hungary) 2005 – Appearance of the group of companies ASTRA Group (Agro Industrial Alliance) Range of supplied agriculture machinery: - Massey Ferguson, White, RoGator, Claas, Manitou, Kuhne, Morris, Gregoire Besson and other brands. - tractors from 16 to 260 horse powers - combine harvesters, - planters for tilled and grain crops - round and rectangular balers - other agriculture machinery. Benefit to work with us: - complex approach towards clients and partners - flexible payments terms - possibility of payment with agricultural products - supply of new and second-hand machinery with the pre-delivery inspection - free operators’ training - highest possible speed and quality of service - branch of regional representatives

Sale of RoGator Sprayers : 

Sale of RoGator Sprayers

Sale of MF-38, MF-40 combines: 

Sale of MF-38, MF-40 combines Advantages of MF 30/40: - successful combination of engineering developments and last achievements in manufacture technologies; - high productivity; - simplicity of operation; - reliability; - universality. Technical advantages: - special design of chassis ensure high durability; - hi-inertia drum, Powerflow1 header; - DATAVISION II board computer; - FIELDSTAR™program – the concept of computerized agriculture.

Sale of MF-7272 combines: 

Sale of MF-7272 combines MF 7200 Series combines are the natural successors to the proven MF 30/40 Series and provide new levels of output, comfort, reliability, monitoring and control. Superior Output comes from the new green SISU DIESEL engines with their larger capacity and 120mm stroke. It comes from new hydraulics, with a triple pump arrangement that gives more flow for each function. But most of all, it comes from the choice of Autoglide-enhanced tables made from high tensile steel; from high performance threshing and exclusive Constant Flow technology; and from the new HiStream grain management system. Superior Comfort comes from a new, improved cab with excellent visibility – right down to the knife, improved ergonomics and easier adjustments. Superior Reliability comes from a truck-type chassis to which all major components are bolted to provide exceptional strength and rigidity. It comes from over-engineered components, each of which is painted before assembly to ensure a corrosion-free working life. Superior Control comes from Datavision II, the world’s leading monitoring and control system that provides the operator with an information system, an instruction manual, a diagnostics tool and an early warning system in a single easy-to-operate touchscreen. Not to mention the option of yieldmapping. Superior Choice The MF 7200 Series consists of seven highly specified combines to allow you to make precisely the right choice for your needs.

White-555 planter: 

6, 8 and 12 row models rigid and folding frames equipment for introduction of dry and liquid fertilizers no till equipment unique seeding tool seed dosing with the positive air pressure the lowest service expenses high seeding precision White-555 planter


Storage: siloing, straw stacking (loading, trailer pulling, unloading, fertilizer storage) Livestock fattening: Haylage preparation (silage, fodder preparation) Livestock care: litter, cleaning (preparation and loading of litter) Additional application: Farm cleaning, earthworks MLT 630 - 634 -731 - 741 Application in agriculture


MLT 630 - 634 -731 - 741 Application in agriculture


Service Our service include: - warranty service – 1 year; - training of the machine-operators of the Buyer; - assistance with the start-up of the machines; - after-sale support; - repair of machines (up to 35 units per year; possibility of major overhaul); - preparation of used machines for sale Equipment of our service: - service cars «IVECO», «Volkswagen», «Ford», “Izh”; - stations for refueling of conditioners; - equipment for dismantling and repair works of engines; - compressors; - electric stations; - toolkits; - WINTEST system with TECH CD for MF machines testing; - notebooks and cameras.

Advantage of our service: - qualified personnel (training in England, Hungary) - branch of regional service workshops; - yearly free inspections for MF machines owners (about 100 items per year); - possibility to buy spare parts for lower price after inspection;: 

Advantage of our service: - qualified personnel (training in England, Hungary) - branch of regional service workshops; - yearly free inspections for MF machines owners (about 100 items per year); - possibility to buy spare parts for lower price after inspection;

We provide the following services:: 

We provide the following services: harvesting; cultivation; spraying; loading for agriculture and building purposes

Spare parts: 

Spare parts Individual approach to clients, System of discounts (depending of the sales volume, between the seasons), Yearly free inspection of MF machines, Spare parts actions, Exhibitions in Ukraine, participation, presentations, Regional spare parts stocks, regional representation offices in Ukraine and Russia.



Training (AGCO, Morris): 

Training (AGCO, Morris)


Training (Berthoud, FraKomb, FraLaz)


If you are interested in Ukrainian market and is looking for reliable Partner in Ukraine, just contact our nearest sales outlet or central office in Kyiv. We are looking to cooperate with you. 1A Mashynobudivnykiv Street, Chabany, Kyiv Region, 08162, Ukraine Tel/fax: +38 044 266-7183, 252-5299 Looking for New Partner in Ukraine?

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