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International Youth Exchange in Hokkaido: 

International Youth Exchange in Hokkaido ~夢・みんたら~ Yume Mintara August 2-9, 2005


introduction IYE is an annual event organised by the International Youth Exchange in Hokkaido Executive Committee, which consists of representatives from the Hokkaido Government, Hokkaido Shimbun Press, the Hokkaido Board of Education etc. It is mainly sponsored by Hokkaido Coca Cola Bottling as well as Hokkaido Chuo Bus.

Yume Mintara…: 

Yume Mintara… The theme ‘Yume Mintara’ is a combination of 2 words: ‘yume’ the Japanese word for ‘dream’ and ‘mintara’ meaning ‘garden to play’ in the language of the Ainu tribe, the indigenous people of Hokkaido. In all, it describes a place where people from all over the world gather, have fun and share their dreams and aspirations


旅行前 what we have to say…


Zhang Quan After hearing what the students who went for last year’s IYE said about the exchange programme, I was really expecting the trip to be a really enriching and enjoyable one. So even though I initially felt a little nervous, I always kept a positive mind, telling myself that everything would turn out fine and that I would learn many new things and make many new friends, and I did! Herrick I was quite worried about the language barrier between us, the Japanese, and the delegates from Thailand and the Philippines. Jodie Honestly I tried my very best to keep an open mind regarding the trip. I was a little unsure of how the programme might be like, or any possible culture shock that we might experience in Hokkaido. I wondered how the other delegates from other countries might be like. Prior to the trip, I had done some reading on Sapporo and the IYE programme of previous years. It seemed like a lot of fun, and I was looking forward to it. The programme booklet given and the briefing were all useful in helping me prepare for the trip.


Wei Ming Anticipation. Excitement. Worries. Yep, these were the main feelings I had before the trip. Being a participant on other exchange programmes before, I wasn’t really scared, but more worried ‘cos I had a hard time catching up with school work in my previous trip. But the feeling would be great, like meeting new people, making new friends, seeing all your practices materializing into a cool performance. I really look forward to this trip Jie Ying Excited – first trip to Japan Full of anticipation – how would IYE be like? Pondering – what is it like to interact with people from different nationalities? Hopeful – hope to build relationships and improve on social skills Happy – I’M GOING TO JAPAN! WHEE!


だいいちにち 2.8.2005


After a rather long plane ride, we arrived at the airport in Sapporo. We were immediately greeted by our local escort, who guided us to a bus to the Hokkaido Youth Centre. Even though we felt tired then, we still chatted a little with the delegates from Canada and the USA, exchanging our first name-cards. Arrival

Pictures of the Youth Centre: 

Pictures of the Youth Centre


だいふつか 3.8.2005

Communication programme: 

Communication programme The communication programme took up most of the second day. It basically served as an ice-breaker for all delegates from different countries to get to know each other better through traditional Japanese games such as “Jan-ken-pon!”.


Communication programme We continued to play more icebreakers


だいみっか 4.8.2005

Art Communication: 

We were shown a clip of an ocean and asked to brainstorm words which we would use as the themes for our collage. We went to Odori Park in central Sapporo to take pictures for our art communication project. Each group was given a few handphones equipped with cameras and were taught how to use them. We had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to use the phones. Odori park was extremely beautiful with all the roses and other flowers in bloom. After a short bus ride to Odori, we alighted at one end of Odori park, just beside an old government building. We then proceeded to split up into groups to take photos. The theme we had selected for our group was Peace. It was a tiring but fun walk through Odori park. Along the way, we saw many flower displays, and one with straw dolphins struck me as particularly interesting. There were also playgrounds in Odori park, sculpted out of solid stone and filled with innovative highlights such as man-made streams and bridges. The highlight of the park was a huge white stone slide with black sand at the bottom. Many of the IYE delegates had fun taking pictures and sliding down the slide. We then proceeded back to the Youth Hostel after lunch and a second round of phototaking to do our project. Our group had fun making silly collages with the photos we had taken. Art Communication



Friendship Night: 

Friendship Night We were allocated one hour of rehearsal for our friendship night item. We were the 3rd to perform. It was hot sitting in the gymnasium wearing our costumes. Our friends from other delegations were wishing us good luck. We were very nervous as we walked up to perform, but afterwards it seemed that everyone had enjoyed our performance and were singing along excitedly to our rendition of Singapore Town. The other delegates had also put up very entertaining and informative performances that allowed us to gain insights into the culture of their countries.

だいよっか 5/8: 

だいよっか 5/8 Art Communication Visit To Takino Park In addition to Friendship Night 2 and various other things

About Takino Park: 

About Takino Park One of the major parks of Sapporo Home to four waterfalls Most well known being Ashiribetsu Falls Not Ashiribetsu Falls 

Various Pictures: 

Various Pictures Ashiribetsu Falls

Take Time To Relax: 

Take Time To Relax Appreciate the Nature

Go ahead and take weird pictures: 

Go ahead and take weird pictures

Be friends with the Japanese: 

Be friends with the Japanese

Have fun =): 

Have fun =)

Arts Communication Prog.: 

Arts Communication Prog.

Arts Communication Prog.: 

Arts Communication Prog. http://iye.aurora-net.or.jp/english/index_nofl.html

Friendship Night 2: 

Friendship Night 2 The Philippines

Pre-Sleep Socializing: 

Pre-Sleep Socializing

だいいつか 6/8: 

だいいつか 6/8 IYE stage performance Moerenuma park

IYE stage performance!: 

IYE stage performance! Held at Moerenuma Park Specially designed by world-famous sculptor Isamu Noguchi Famous!


The glass pyramid…in front of which we performed.

Our performance: 

Our performance Malay dance English Song << Singapore Town>> Japanese Song <<Moment>> Other delegates put up an interesting variety of performances too 


before our performance… New Zealanders…


Thais… Koreans… Chinese…

Art Communication Final: 

Art Communication Final Last part of art communication program Went around park asking visitors to pose for photos with us Printed out immediately Pasted them to complete the collage we made Collage was hung on the walls of Moerenuma Park to the public!

Finale – Video viewing: 

Finale – Video viewing Art staff compiled video Showcased all the individual delegates over the past few days Touching..  Separating with Japanese and going for homestay  Tears flying everywhere… ;’(


Our last Singapore group photo.

ホムステー Aug 6-8 2005 : 

ホムステー Aug 6-8 2005

zhang quan + herrick: 

zhang quan + herrick


Home-stay Our host family was extremely friendly and hospitable to us, and had three young boys aged 4, 7 and 9 who were all bouncy and hyper-active! They even had an absolutely fantastic Naruto game on Gamecube which we spent a lot of time playing! They brought us to as many places around the town as possible, first to a large shopping centre to get souvenirs, then to the famous skiing grounds in Sapporo with its interactive winter sports museum, and finally to a traditional Japanese festival in a small park, where we learnt the simple steps of the Japanese traditional summer festival dance. At the end of the home-stay, they even made a special photo booklet for Herrick and me, detailing our activities for the past two days. The home-stay was certainly one of the most fun times I had during the entire trip!

Home-stay pictures: 

Home-stay pictures Our bedroom Playing the game-cube お母さん と お父さん! The living room

More homestay pictures…: 

More homestay pictures…

weiming + jodie: 

weiming + jodie

Homestay Day 1: 

Homestay Day 1 We were dropped off at the Hokkaido Shimbun Press building where we were introduced to our host families after a short speech. Our host family consisted of 2 parents and a young daughter of 8 years old. The mother and the daughter came to receive us as the father was at work. Our hosts lived in a suburb of Sapporo, Kiyota-ku. After bathing settling our luggage, we chatted with the host family and gave them our gifts. It was fun to tell them more about Singapore and our way of life here. We got to sleep in a traditional Japanese style room complete with futons and paper doors! Also, hidden behind a cupboard was a Buddhist altar.

Homestay Day 2: 

Homestay Day 2 We went for a walk around the neighbourhood in the morning. Went to Hokkaido Founding Village, a “living museum” – reconstruction of many ancient buildings and way of life. Local Science centre – exhibits were informative and entertaining. Had lunch at shopping mall – shoyu ramen Stopped by a “home store” to buy things for barbeque later that night. Our hosts had a barbeque and invited friends over. Japanese Halloween – kids going round asking for candy Had fireworks and were given Hello Kitty specs which transformed all lights into little Hello Kitty images. Played pick up stix.

Homestay Day 3: 

Homestay Day 3 The next day, we had to leave fairly early. We had breakfast at a family restaurant where we ate onigiri with sausages in it. After that we stopped by Sapporo Tokeidai and went inside for a quick look.



Getting to know you…: 

Getting to know you… Slightly scared as I was alone with host family Met at Hokkaido Shimbun press in the late afternoon My host family: only お母さん and お父さん Very friendly and nice! No more worries 

The first night…: 

The first night… Brought me around their neighborhood (lived in apartment) Dressed me in kimono! Attended the 夏祭り(summer festival) Played 花火 (firewoks) FUN!! Me and my host family all dressed and ready to go...


Japanese girls with me in kimono! (not looking at my camera =’( )

The second day…: 

The second day… Brought me to summer jump championships at Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium Quite high on mountains Beautiful!! Went shopping for お土産 there


Long escalator ride up.. Me and host family


Outside the jump place…on top of mountain.


Sapporo from on top of the mountains… breath-taking view.

In the afternoon…: 

In the afternoon… Brought me to 白い恋人 park (Shiroi Koibito Park) Accommodates chocolate factory which manufactures Shiroi Koibito chocolate (chocolates, cakes, biscuits etc. ) reminiscent of England in the Middle Ages


The 白い恋人 park

In the afternoon…: 

In the afternoon… Host family brought me to their community centre Interacted with Japanese kids mostly 10 – 14 yrs old Had to talk solely in Japanese!  Went お土産 shopping Bought LOTS of お土産s…


Picture with Japanese kids at community centre

Last night..: 

Last night.. Went to the 夏祭り again Lucky draw! But didn’t get anything  Ate dinner at Italian restaurant

The next day…: 

The next day… Farewell… Went back to Hokkaido Shimbun Press after breakfast さようなら 


だいなのか 8.8.2005

Prize presentations: 

Prize presentations After everyone gathered back from their homestays, we were ushered to a hall where the prize presentations for the artwork contest titled “The landscape you love most” took place. To our surprise, one of our Japanese friends in our group, Midori, had won a prize and we were really happy for her!

Yosakoi Dance: 

Yosakoi Dance Following the prize presentations, we were treated to a splendid show, in which a dance troop performed the modern Japanese Yosakoi dance for us. We were even given wooden clips to cheer along with! In the end, everyone was invited up onto stage to dance along. The dance moves were simple and catchy and everyone had a great time dancing together!

View drawings / Coca-cola bottling factory: 

View drawings / Coca-cola bottling factory After lunch, we were brought to an underground shopping mall to view our drawings, along with those drawn by the other delegates from other countries. Everyone started exchanging praises with one another as all of us had drawn very well! After that, we took a bus to the Coca-cola bottling factory to learn about the manufacturing process of Coca-cola products. It was indeed very fascinating to see all that high-tech machinery in work!

Farewell party: 

Farewell party The farewell party was set in a grand hall, with a huge buffet to suit the occasion. Each country put up a short performance after dinner and following that, everyone gamely participated in the traditional Japanese dance. The last part of the farewell party was spent taking last-minute photos with as many friends as possible! It was certainly a very emotional night, as it was the last time everyone would have a chance to meet and chat together.

airport hotel: 

airport hotel We spent our last and final day at the Chitose Airport Hotel And of course, we made full use of it to give out remaining namecards and interacted as much as we possibly can…


Emails from other delegates

After IYE…: 

After IYE… Had promised to keep in touch Exchanged name cards Received quite a lot of name cards Received and sent emails when we got back to Singapore!

Email from Thai!: 

Email from Thai! Hello I'm best. Can you remember me? How are you? Is it hot in Singapore? In Thailand,it's very hot (=.="). Did you go to school today? Did you miss any friends or staffs? I've to go now. Bye, Best

Email from Canadian!: 

Email from Canadian!

Email from Philippines!: 

Email from Philippines! Hi everyone! first of, how have you been doing after IYE? I'm really missing it though...like maxi, i really wish it lasted for a month or so...it was really fun! it was nice meeting you all! IYE is awesome, it allows you to experience weird to downright eccentric things, gives you an awesome vacation, and expands your horizons. IYE was definitely a wonderful experience. … Guess that's all for now! Take CAre and hope to see you soon!

Email from American!: 

Email from American! Hi, Im Angela Kanegae from the United States. Sorry it has taken so long to write to you. I have been very busy. School will be starting in 7 days. Are you already in school? Football, (not soccer), Water Polo, and Volly Ball season are starting now. What sports are popular right now in your country? Please write back. Hope to talk to you soon! -Angela Kanegae

Email from German!: 

Email from German! hi, hows life? Did you have a nice flight back? we got back fine, although we had some delays. Anyway it was great meeting you and i will definatly miss you your friend Julius

Email from Japanese!: 

Email from Japanese! JieYing へ   こんにちは! ウェイミンからmailがきて みんな無事みたいで安心しています。 私はみんなに会えなくてさみしいです(;-;) IYEとても楽しかったね♪ また、みんなで会いたいね!!! … mailまってます☆ ミントンより

旅行後の感想 post-trip reflections: 

旅行後の感想 post-trip reflections Zhang Quan I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the IYE in Hokkaido, and it is something I will never regret joining. In it, I made many new friends from countries all over the world, managed to learn new things about the Japanese culture, and was also able to practice speaking Japanese with the locals – in short, I achieved all my pre-trip aims, and more! I will definitely never forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Herrick It was definitely a very fun experience and I surely wished there were more time to make friends with other delegates. I still talk with some overseas delegates rather regularly. Wei Ming This trip was definitely very enriching for me. I met so many new people and made so many new friends… from all over the world! I really hope that we can all keep in contact though I know it’s rather hard to. Thank you everyone for this wonderful experience!


Jodie I feel that I have gained a lot from this trip. My Japanese proficiency has improved by leaps and bounds, not to mention the friends that I have made and the invaluable memories created. This trip has allowed me to interact with participants from different countries and learn more about their culture and lifestyle, whilst sharing with them the things that are unique to Singapore. The homestay experience has enabled me to observe a typical Japanese lifestyle and gain understanding of the differences and similarities that it has with Singapore. Jie Ying Sad – leaving Japan! Touched – all the fellow youth delegates are were very friendly, esp. the Japanese! tears flew everywhere. Happy – learnt how to take things with a light heart and be more daring, go all the way out to interact with others From IYE, learnt more about Japan’s modern culture and those of other countries’ too Satisfied – made lots of new friends and it was a whole new and enriching experience!


the end http://iye.aurora-net.or.jp/

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