10 Dressing Tips for Men for Television Interviews


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Keep your wardrobe simple and uncomplicated. Log on http://tellemgrodypr.com/


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10 Dressing Tips for Men for Television Interviews www.tellemgrodypr.com


Here we have listed 10 dressing tips for men to make sure you look your best on your television interviews. www.tellemgrodypr.com


1. Keep your wardrobe simple and uncomplicated. 2. Don’t wear white shirts as they can make you look washed out. www.tellemgrodypr.com


3.Navy or gray suits are the best attire for television. 4. Red ties look great on TV; they bring out your natural flesh tones. Avoid wearing overly-patterned ties, sports coats, or shirts because they tend to "jump" on television. www.tellemgrodypr.com


5. Men must wear knee-length stockings to avoid bare ankles when you cross your legs. 6. If it is offered, wear make-up. It helps keep the glare off your forehead. Bald spots have a particular glaring shine, and powder or make-up is helpful. www.tellemgrodypr.com


7. Shave before a television appearance. Carry a portable razor. 8. Do not button your jacket while seated, and if you wear a vest, check to make sure the buttons do not bulge while you are seated. www.tellemgrodypr.com


10. Sit with your tail bone to the back of the chair. Don’t get too comfortable. 9. Eye glasses can reflect distracting lights , but if you usually wear glasses, then wear them on camera. www.tellemgrodypr.com


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