The Four Seasons

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The Four Seasons in Michigan: 

The Four Seasons in Michigan By: Erin Lute Next Slide

Winter : 

Winter Winter is the coldest season in Michigan. In the winter, it snows. During the winter there is no vegetation and the animals hibernate. The winter is great for making snowmen. Christmas takes place in the winter. Next Slide


Spring In Michigan, the snow begins to melt. Flowers begin to peak their heads above the ground. In the spring, it rains to help the plants begin to grow. Easter takes place in the spring. Next Slide

Summer : 

Summer The summer in Michigan is the hottest season. The vegetation is fully bloomed and the animals are very active. Summer is great for swimming. The 4th of July is in the summer. Next Slide

Autumn : 

Autumn In autumn, the leaves begin to change color and eventually fall off the trees. In Michigan during autumn, the temperature begins to get cooler. Autumn can also be called fall. Halloween takes place during autumn. Next Slide

In which season do the leaves begin to change colors? (Select the correct answer): 

In which season do the leaves begin to change colors? (Select the correct answer) Winter Spring Summer Autumn

This answer is incorrect: 

This answer is incorrect Please review the lesson and then choose the correct answer. Click to repeat question


Correct!!!! The leaves begin to change colors and fall off the trees in autumn. Next Slide

Erin Lute: 

Erin Lute Creator of “The Four Seasons in Michigan” PowerPoint presentation. Junior at Western Michigan University Resides in Alpena, Michigan Favorite season: summer!!!!!

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