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Overview of Mobile Marketing for The Women’s Circuit: 

Overview of Mobile Marketing for The Women’s Circuit March 8, 2007

Cincinnati.Com’s Overall Strategy: 

Cincinnati.Com’s Overall Strategy

Local Internet Market: 

Local Internet Market Source: Scarborough 2006, Release 1 Nearly 7 out of 10 of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky adults use the Web regularly. 893,478 adults Ahead of U.S. averages 66% of adults use the Web regularly. More than 4 out of 10 local Web users used Cincinnati.Com in the past 30 days. 7 of 10 adults use the Web for local store purchasing. More than 100 million Americans get news from the Web every day. Base: NDM Adults 18+ Visited Cincinnati.Com network past 30 days (Cincinnati.Com,,,

Cincinnati.Com Is…: 

Cincinnati.Com Is… #1 online reach in Greater Cincinnati. An 'umbrella' for 51 brands: 4 daily newspapers 31 free weeklies 16 online-only brands Traffic: 48M views/month 5.5M visits/month 3.7M users/month A partnership of Gannett, Scripps. Targeting ads by ZIP, age, gender.

Media Comparison: 

Media Comparison Base: NDM Adults 18+ Internet Users are adults who accessed the internet in the past 30 days; Visited Cincinnati.Com Network (Cincinnati.Com,,, or in past 30 days; Visited Channel,;,,, in the past 30 days; Source: Scarborough 2005, Rel 2 Cincinnati.Com reaches 42% of local Internet users — more than any other local Web site

Cincinnati.Com’s Audience: 

Cincinnati.Com’s Audience Base: NDM Adults 18+ Visited Cincinnati.Com network (Cincinnati.Com,,, or in the past 30 days; Source: Scarborough Research 2005 Release 2, Cincinnati Married women 25 years+ Household income $75K+ College educated GENDER INCOME AGE EDUCATION KKY +$75K: 153 Adults w/kids: 127 College-educ.: 139

Rapid Traffic Growth: 

Rapid Traffic Growth Forecast 11% gain in 1 year. 30% gain in 2 years.

Rapid Audience Growth: 

Rapid Audience Growth Reach increased 7% last year. Rapid gains among adults w/high income (index of 153). More women are turning to Cincinnati.Com more often. Rapid growth among parents (index of 127.)

Hyper-Local Strategy: 

Hyper-Local Strategy Home pages for 239 communities in Ohio, Ky., Ind. Content from users, all sources. User items published (’06): Submitters: 7,961 Stories: 6,514 Photos: 4,552 Total: 11,066

Private Label Products: 

Private Label Products our largest private label. Is produced for the CincinnatiUSA Regional Tourism Network (501c3). Is official tourism promotion Web site for the region. Empowers users to plan trips, find and book hotels, find places to eat and drink, purchase tickets, etc.

Multimedia Content: 

Multimedia Content New video channel features video stories from Enquirer, Video ad spots run inside and outside video channel. Enquirer newsroom producing video, audio, Flash to accompany stories on a daily basis.

Social Networking Models: 

Social Networking Models Online community with high reach and frequency Uses content from all media sources Leverages user-submitted content Social networking

Demographic Targeting: 

Demographic Targeting

Targeting Examples: 

Targeting Examples A hospital wishes to reach males and females with news of its expanded cardiac care facility. Their online campaigns target: Adults over 45 years of age ZIP codes near the hospital Gender-specific creatives A pizza restaurant owner wants to reach Elder High School students within a three-mile radius of her restaurant. Her online campaigns target: Visitors under age 19 site-wide in ZIPs near the school Readers of Cincinnati.Com's Prep Sports channel

Targeting Examples: 

Targeting Examples A communications company wants to promote its prepaid wireless products to young adults in the urban core and also to parents in the suburbs. Their online campaigns: Promote the hip features of the product to: Users 24 and under City ZIP codes CiN Weekly readers Promotes the economy of the product to: Users 40 and over ZIPs in the suburbs A month in advance of baseball season’s Open Day in Cincinnati, a downtown hotel wants to out-of-towners planning their visit. Online campaigns target: Louisville, Indianapolis, Nasvhille, Columbus Sports and Reds channels

Cincinnati.Com’s Mobile Products and Strategies: 

Cincinnati.Com’s Mobile Products and Strategies

Why Use Mobile?: 

Why Use Mobile? Young, upscale, active users Elusive 18-24 year-old market Elusive non-Web, non-print consumers Reaches users in 'off hours' Connect with customers 24/7 Create one-to-one relationships with customers Deliver compelling and entertaining advertising Direct response

Who are Local Mobile Users?: 

Who are Local Mobile Users? Base: NDM Adults 18+that subscribe to a wireless/cellular phone service Source: 2005 Scarborough, Release 2 More Than 6 out of 10 Adults (866,661 Adults) Subscribe to a Wireless/Cellular Phone

Adults 18-24: 

7 of 10 currently subscribe to a mobile plan Are 80% More Likely to be planning to switch cell providers in the next 12 months than the average adult 116% More Likely to be planning to buy a cell phone in the next 12 months Adults 18-24 Base: NDM Adults 18+; Subscribe to a wireless cell phone service; planning to switch wireless/cell phone providers in the next 12 months; planning to buy a wireless cell phone service in the past 12 months; Source: 2005 Scarborough, Release 2

Local Carrier Share: 

Market-leading Cincinnati Bell Wireless losing customers to national carriers. Local Carrier Share -15% +25% +51% -1% +8% -6% -80% +49% Base: NDM Adults 18+ who use a cell phone carrier; wireless/cell phone carriers currently use Source: Scarborough, 2004 Release 2, 2005 Release 2 Wireless/Cell Phone Carrier Currently Use Red Percentage Number = Percentage of Change 2004 Vs. 2005

Local Handset Share: 

Samsung and Motorola have grown market share substantially from 2004 to 2005. Local Handset Share -60% N/A -38% +20% -20% +11% +52% +37% Base: NDM Adults 18+ by wireless/cell phone handset brand currently use Source: Scarborough, 2004 Release 2, 2005 Release 2 Wireless/Cell Phone Handset Brand Currently Use -25% +49% Red Percentage Number = Percentage of Change 2004 Vs. 2005

Local Internet Share: 

Local Internet Share -21% +6% +38% 333% N/A Type of Internet Connection Household Uses 2004 vs. 2005 N/A Red Percentage Number = Percentage of Change 2004 Vs. 2005 Base: NDM Adults; Type of Internet Connection HHLD uses; Source: 2005 Scarborough, Release 2 From 2004 to 2005, the Number of Households with a Wireless Internet Connection Increased by 333%

Mobile Products, Strategies: 

Mobile Products, Strategies Mobile-formatted websites (WAP) Mobile alerts (opt-in SMS messages) SMS queries (responses to queries via SMS) Helping advertisers who are new to mobile

Mobile-formatted Websites: 

Mobile-formatted Websites 'Umbrella' site Unifies content from all areas of Cincinnati.Com Network Organizes content by TOPIC, NOT by provider. Classifieds, Enquirer, Post, WCPO, CiN Weekly, etc. Searchable Support for Web-enabled personalization

Mobile-formatted Websites: 

Mobile-formatted Websites News products: Enquirer example Continuously updated Dynamically senses, formats for all handsets Will feature local and national advertising Part of a national ad sales network

Mobile-formatted Websites: 

Mobile-formatted Websites Local Classifieds: New product All classifieds Searchable Browseable Rich data Search tools for cars, jobs

Opt-in SMS Messages: 

Opt-in SMS Messages Breaking News CiN Weekly events, offers offers Sports news (by team) Sports scores (by team) Traffic alerts (by route, time) Weather forecast (by ZIP) Severe weather alerts Daily jokes

Helping Novice Advertisers: 

Helping Novice Advertisers Mobile advertising segment = Web in 1994 Most companies don’t have mobile-formatted websites or mobile strategies Typical strategy: Impart wisdom and give good, honest advice. Don’t sell mobile to the wrong customers. Package mobile with non-mobile to ensure ROI. Encourage experimentation. Manage expectations.

Helping Novice Advertisers: 

Helping Novice Advertisers Mobile banner Landing page

Web vs. Mobile Traffic: 

Web vs. Mobile Traffic Traditional Web analytics systems won’t work well Best technique: Analysis of server logs

Web vs. Mobile Traffic: 

Web vs. Mobile Traffic Web usage heavily commercial, professional, daytime Mobile usage off hours, non-Web audiences

Mobile Site Considerations: 

Mobile Site Considerations Mobile websites are branded by their utility, not through logos or designs Mobile address must be memorable. Should leverage, or relate to, Web address. Remember: Users are, or often perceive themselves to be, paying for access to your site. Is it easy to tap on standard keypads? '' can be 14 to 64 taps depending on keypad and browser Seek out promotional partnerships.

SMS Considerations: 

SMS Considerations Should be 125 characters or less. Should be infrequent. Remember users perceive (and usually are) paying to receive messages. If recurring, users should control timing of receipt. Links may not be clickable (depends on carrier). Branding difficult: Many users won’t remember sender. Novelty overcomes intrusiveness (recipients thankful). Unsubscribe rates still extremely low.

Humble Origins: 

Humble Origins ABOVE: Bell 1960’s prototype. LEFT: Motorola’s Martin Cooper with the DynaTAC 8000X in 1983. Cooper made the first analogue mobile phone call in 1973. RIGHT: Handsets from the late 1980s to early 2000’s.

Apple’s iPhone: 

Apple’s iPhone Phone + PDA + GPS + iPod

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