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Recruiting for Sigma Tau Gamma: 

Recruiting for Sigma Tau Gamma The purpose of this presentation is to provide your chapter with a high level understanding of the recruitment process: • When to recruit, • How to plan, • How to organize, and some • Basic sales tools to use when discussing membership with a prospective individual. This presentation is intended for all members. It should serve as the foundation for a chapter recruitment planning and training retreat.

What is Membership Recruitment?: 

What is Membership Recruitment? MAKING FRIENDS Simply stated, recruiting men to join Sigma Tau Gamma is no different than making friends. That is, with one difference. You may not “plan” to make friends. Recruitment, on the other hand, requires well defined goals, detailed planning, organization, execution and evaluation.

When do we Recruit?: 

When do we Recruit? Always! It is impossible to isolate a few weeks out of the year to put your best face on and attract new members! Your chapter is being “sized-up” every day by: • prospective members and • those who influence prospective members.

Reputation Counts: 

Reputation Counts Consider two age old axioms: • Actions speak louder than words! • Most reputations are deserved! Consider that every chapter decision, every chapter action, every day of the year effects membership recruitment success.

So, who should we impress?: 

So, who should we impress? The impression that these groups have about your chapter WILL directly effect your recruitment success: • Recruits • Chapter Members • Faculty • Administrators • Sororities • Parents

One Bad Act: 

One Bad Act You can be a good kid for 20 years, but if you rob a convenience store your going to jail! The same principle holds true for your chapter. That’s why all the good things your chapter does don’t count for much when irresponsible behavior gets you into trouble. And, when that happens, recruitment tanks. The Risk Management Policy is the answer. Yes, following the Risk Management Policy helps recruitment!

Orientation Summary: 

Orientation Summary Recruitment is not an “event,” it is a constant year around process. Your actions, good and bad, impact recruitment. Recruitment takes careful planning, execution, and evaluation. Recruitment requires the full participation of chapter members, advisors, parents, and alumni. Recruitment is making friends.

Know Thyself: 

Know Thyself Who Am I What motivates me? Why did I choose to join STG ? What are the things I like best about being a STG brother? What do I have to offer STG.

Know Thyself: 

Know Thyself Who are we? What is good about the fraternity system on my campus? What isn’t so good about the fraternity system? How to other Greeks view  How do non-Greeks view STG? What’s special about ?

Features & Benefits: 

Features & Benefits Features and benefits are ways to help explain why joining  can enrich the life of a prospective member. As a rule of thumb, a feature is a thing, activity or event conducted or sponsored by . A benefit is the reward received by participating in that activity. Fill in the blanks to help understand: “We do which provides .”

Features & Benefits: 

Features & Benefits FEATURE New People Fraternal Bonds Academic Programs Alumni Chapter Offices Ritual BENEFIT New Friends A Place to Belong Likely to Graduate Career Network Leadership Development Shared values and goals All members must be able to talk about the good reasons someone should join our great fraternity. Here is a sample of features and benefits!

Recruitment Do’s: 

Recruitment Do’s First and foremost - Be Sincere! The best way to recruit is man-to-man. Make him your friend. Create a congenial atmosphere for your friend. Use his name and make him feel important by introducing him (as one of the guys) to the brothers and other recruits. Ask questions. Get him to talk about himself. Plan normal everyday activities. Talk about how he can be a part of our future.

Recruitment Don’ts: 

Recruitment Don’ts Don’t take the recruitment process for granted. Don’t abandon your good judgement. Don’t trash another brother, chapter, fraternity, or your school. Don’t forget that recruitment is making a friend. Act naturally. Don’t forget your recruitment team commitment. Don’t neglect normal everyday activities. They are recruitment opportunities. Life happens between formal or planned events.


Recruiting Make the Contact Introduce yourself. Ask questions. Listen. Establish some common ground. Introduce Sigma Tau Gamma. Invite your prospect to join you, as your personal guest, for a normal chapter activity. Set expectations for follow-up contacts. Confirm personal data (address, phone, etc.) Express sincere interest in your prospect.

Follow-up = Friendship: 

Follow-up = Friendship Follow-up every day. Persistent meetings develop the friendship. Do what’s natural (lunch, study, sports.) Offer to help support some of his activities with your participation. Introduce him to others. Widen his circle of STG friends.

Timing the Ask!: 

Timing the Ask! Find out if it’s a good time for him. Spend at least 70% of your time listening. The listener, not the talker, is in control of the conversation. Find out his priorities. What does he care about? Fit STG into his priorities. Use FEATURES and BENEFITS to explain how he can achieve his goals through STG. Help him to see membership in STG as an answer not a question.

Pre-ask Ask: 

Pre-ask Ask Ask questions to which you know the answer will be yes. Get agreement on the value of STG. Ask questions that invite him to include himself as one of the guys. “Don’t you think we really helped those kids at Special Olympics on Saturday?” Get agreement on the process of becoming a member. Get agreement on the payoff. “Don’t you think it’s important to be part of something you can be proud of?”

The Ask: 

The Ask Be assumptive. That is, assume your prospect is going to say yes. Membership Application Close: Fill out the membership application while asking him questions. If he doesn’t stop you, he’s saying yes. Trial Close: “If I could give you a bid this afternoon, would you be ready to accept it?” Ben Franklin Close: Help him make a list of pros and cons. Make sure the pros win.

Quiet Please: 

Quiet Please Strategic Pause Close: Dead air demands to be filled. Let your prospect talk. He may talk himself into joining. If he says “I don’t know” or “I’m not ready,” be quiet. Let him justify his response. That way, you find the objection. When it’s out in the open you can deal with it.

Handling Objections: 

Handling Objections Ask questions. Listen carefully, ask more questions. Find the true worry (objection.) Understand that an objection is an expression of interest. View it as positive. Understand that feelings as well as facts are involved. Feelings are just as real as facts. Reassure your prospect. Respond with concern for your prospect. Draw the solution from your prospect. He’ll tell you how he wants the objection handled if you ask enough questions.

Train for Objections: 

Train for Objections Be prepared. Practice handling objections. Strategy 1 See the objection as a questions. Objection: “I can’t afford it.” Real Question: “Is it worth it?” Answer: “I felt the same way until I” Tip: When answering an objection, use the words “feel, felt, and found.” Try: “I know how you feel, I felt the same way, and I found that ...”

Train for Objections: 

Train for Objections Strategy 2 Turn the objection into a reason to join. Objection: My parents won’t let me join. Answer: My parents felt the same way until I introduced them to (Dr. Hedrick our Advisor, Matt’s parents, Mr. Johnson, our alumni association president) and he/they explained how much the Fraternity helped with (scholarship, leadership development, self confidence.)

Train for Objections: 

Train for Objections Strategy 3 Smoke out the important objection. Objection: I don’t have enough time. Response: Is that your only objection? If I can show you how our top members handle chapter responsibilities, campus leadership and honor roll level scholarship, would be willing to join them and me in this great fraternity?

Recruitment Organization: 

Recruitment Organization Recruitment Chairman Team Captain Team Captain Team Captain Team Captain Records Co-or.

Job Descriptions: 

Job Descriptions Recruitment Chairman Appoint: Team Captains, Recruiters, and Public Relations, Events, and Records Co-ordinators. Lead Chapter in Setting Recruitment Goals Plan Recruitment Train Recruitment Team Manage Recruitment Plan Evaluate Recruitment Effort

Job Descriptions: 

Job Descriptions Team Captain Assist Recruitment Chairman with Planning & Training Lead Recruiters in Prospecting Assign Recruiters to Prospects Follow-up on Recruiter/Prospect Contacts Encourage and Motivate Recruiters Set Positive Example by being the Best Recruiter on the team

Job Descriptions: 

Job Descriptions Records Co-ordinator Create and Maintain Prospect Card File & Recruitment Chart: Name (full & nickname) Campus Address & Phone Home Address & Phone Parents Names High School & Activities Campus Major & Activities Scholarship (Grades & Awards) Assigned Recruiter with Contact Dates & Notes

Job Descriptions: 

Job Descriptions Public Relations Co-ordinator Develop P. R. Plan Develop P. R. Budget Brochures & Business Cards for Recruiters Campus Newspaper Features & Advertisements Chapter Dress-up & Letter Days Contact Sororities for Support Posters

Job Descriptions: 

Job Descriptions Event Co-ordinator Schedule & Plan Event Develop Event Budget Manage Set-up and Cleanup Plan and Manage Meal or Snack Menu and Service Plan and Manage Event Security Insure compliance with Risk Management Policy

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