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Interactive Dictionary and Thesaurus: 

The Visual Thesaurus: Encourages exploration of words and meanings. Displays words using 3-D navigation. Builds vocabulary and word comprehension. Makes learning creative and fun! Interactive Dictionary and Thesaurus

The benefits explained…: 

Rather than a dry list of words, the Visual Thesaurus provides a universe of interesting concepts in a stunning 3-D display. On a visual map,words and meanings can be clicked to explore the English language. This provides an intuitive and entertaining way to explore words and concepts. The benefits explained…

Students and Teachers can:: 

Students and Teachers can: Search nearly 140,000 words and related meanings. Explore 14 kinds of semantic relationships, such as parts of speech, antonyms and “type of”. Access the Visual Thesaurus from school or home via online access. Follow weeks’ worth of lesson plans created for the Visual Thesaurus. Go further in their investigation of the English language than traditional tools allow.

Administrative Features: 

Administrative Features Custom filtering options to remove offensive language. Administrative rights keep schools informed and empowered. No installation necessary. All updates and enhancements included with subscription. Two authentication options: IP Verification for access in schools and/or home Easy password system for faculty and students Search box can be placed on school Web site or intranet to encourage use.

Visual Thesaurus: Easy to Use!: 

Visual Thesaurus: Easy to Use! Simply type in a word and click look it up. Then click on words or meanings to find more. Use the history to go back to previous searches. Access on-screen Help Tips. Customize your display, by changing font size or choosing 2-D or 3-D display.

Using the Visual Thesaurus: 

Using the Visual Thesaurus Enter a word to search: “train”. The word “train” will appear in the center of your screen, with all the related words and meanings connected to it.

Navigating the Visual Thesaurus: 

Navigating the Visual Thesaurus Circles represent Meanings. Color represents parts of speech.

Learn More by Exploring Meanings. : 

Learn More by Exploring Meanings. Roll over a meaning circle to discover its definition and usage.

Meanings are also displayed as a list in right hand column.: 

Meanings are also displayed as a list in right hand column. Find definitions under appropriate part of speech. Toggle On/Off to expand or collapse meanings by part of speech. This helps focus a student’s search.

Fully Interactive Navigation: 

Fully Interactive Navigation All words and circles can be clicked to explore Meanings and Word history (right-hand column) can also be clicked. Search box can be used to enter new word.

Filtering and Display Options: 

Filtering and Display Options Filter by: Part of speech. 14 kinds of sense relationships. Display Options: Font. 2-D, 3-D, and Auto-Pilot.

Visual Thesaurus Rave Reviews:: 

Visual Thesaurus Rave Reviews: PC Magazine MacAddict MaximumPC Washington Post MacHome E-content The New York Times Chicago Tribune The Irish Times The Economist Education World Poynter.org USA Today The Atlantic Monthly Yahoo The New Yorker Wired PC Magazine: One of the Best Products of 2003. MacAddict: VT is outstanding for exploring relationships between words, and ideal for brainstorming ideas in work and education. Washington Post: The whole interface feels almost live;... overall it's a rare, rewarding example. Education World: A+.

Educational Resources: 

Educational Resources Teachers Guides and Student Workbooks, full of lesson plans and learning ideas. School-wide or District-wide Web-based subscriptions available. Volume-based discounts available. For further information and licensing information, please contact: VISUAL THESAURUS email. info@visualthesaurus.com phone. 212.285.8600

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