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ITEA Credo: 

ITEA Credo The International Technology Education Association is concerned about improving the quality of life through constant improvement of teaching and dissemination of information about our technological world. Forums and an atmosphere that inspires people to dream of great things should be provided that will lead to helping students achieve success. The association has a responsibility to its contributors to recognize their dignity as human beings and to assure that they share in the success which their work and contributions make possible.

What is ITEA?: 

What is ITEA? The International Technology Education Association (ITEA) is the professional organization of technology teachers. Our mission is to promote technological literacy for all by supporting the teaching of technology and promoting the professionalism of those engaged in this pursuit. ITEA strengthens the profession through leadership, professional development, membership services, publications, and classroom activities.

The Technology Teacher: 

The Technology Teacher The leading professional journal of technology education. Each issue contains ideas and technology learning activities that are successfully being used in grade 6-12 classrooms around the country. TTT is now online in its entirety in “Members Only.” www.iteawww.org/E10.html Published eight times per year. All ITEA memberships include one TTT subscription. Elementary school memberships include two subscriptions.

Technology and Children: 

Technology and Children Winner of ASAE’s Gold Circle Award for Most Improved Journal, T&C is packed with practical, innovative, and creative articles and activities for the elementary teacher. Redesigned to contain more hands-on activities! Published four times per year. Elementary school memberships include two subscriptions. Institutional members and sustaining corporations receive one subscription.


TrendScout TrendScout is one electronic benefit provided by ITEA to keep members up to date with the latest information and activities of the technology education profession. TrendScout is emailed to the membership approximately twice a month in a print quality format. TrendScout archives are available in “Members Only.” www.iteawww.org/E10.html


HITS AND KITS Series of activity guides designed to supplement Standards for Technological Literacy. Directly linked to recommended K-12 courses, include ready-to-duplicate student handouts and reflection questions, and provide multiple assessment strategies. HITS - Humans Innovating Technology Series: Geared toward secondary students KITS - Kids Inventing Technology Series: Designed for elementary classrooms Ordering at www.iteawww.org/F6.html


IdeaGarden Grow new ideas for classroom and laboratory experiences! ITEA's IdeaGarden Listserv is a free resource offered to members only. A teacher-to-teacher format for those interested in teaching technology. Two outstanding veteran technology teachers, Gary Wynn, DTE and Ron Yuill, DTE, will field questions, offer ideas, chase resources, and interact with listserv subscribers. Go to “Members Only” to subscribe - www.iteawww.org/E10.html.

Members Only Resources: 

Members Only Resources Membership in ITEA entitles you to a variety of special services and materials. This member-specialized information is free and available to all members who register for “Members Only.” www.iteawww.org/E10.html The Technology Teacher (TTT) Member Freebies IdeaGarden Listserv TrendScout Archives Member Discounts Career/Professional Recognition Technology Education Monographs ITEA Governance Information TTTe


CATTS Center to Advance the Teaching of Technology & Science Current efforts: K-12 technological literacy curriculum Professional development Research projects Consortium for technological literacy

A Curriculum Process and Resources: 

A Curriculum Process and Resources Process: Determine What to Teach Identify Enduring Concepts Group Concepts into Units/Cources Write Assessment Criteria Develop a Teaching Strategy Implement the Plan Evaluate the Program Develop the Staff Corresponding Resources: A Rationale & Structure A Guide to K-12 TE An Assessment Guide K-12 Course/Materials Guides An Assessment Guide Teaching Technology Guides Evaluation Standards for Technological Literacy Professional Development Standards for Technological Literacy

CATTS Consortium: 

CATTS Consortium States support development of quality curriculum resources States receive standards-based resources and teacher training Participating states: FL, GA, ID, KY, MI, NC, ND, OH, UT

Assessment Guide: 

Assessment Guide Guide to help teachers to assess students Technological literacy assessment focus Consortium-supported Standards-based and research-driven Available for general release in Fall 2003

Innovation Curriculum Online Resource : 

Innovation Curriculum Online Resource NSDL digital library collection Manages technological literacy resources Informed by STL Funded by NSF Available late Fall 2002


Invention-Innovation-Inquiry Four year NSF-funded project Instructional units for grades 5 and 6 Targets technological literacy and science education standards Available beginning in 2004

Gallup Poll: 

Gallup Poll What Do Americans Think About Technology? A report of the survey conducted by the Gallup Organization for the ITEA was released on 1/17/02. View the report, the survey questions, and the data generated from the survey in PDF format online at: www.iteawww.org/TAA/ITEAGallup.htm

Technology for All Americans Project: 

Technology for All Americans Project Rationale & Structure for the Study of Technology Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology Program Standards Assessment Standards Professional Development Standards www.iteawww.org/TAA/TAA.html

Standards for Technological Literacy: 

Standards for Technological Literacy Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology includes grades K-12 content standards. It represents what every person should know and be able to do in order to be technologically literate. Designed for classroom teachers, curriculum developers, and supervisors of technology education who will be developing standards-based curricula. Online in its entirety at: www.iteawww.org/TAA/PDF/xstnd.pdf


Technology Education Council for Children (TECC) TECC promotes elementary-school technology education. Goals: Provide professional development in elementary school technology education. Provide educators with educational resources that support elementary school technology education. Co-sponsor Technology and Children offers standards-based ideas integrating technology education into the elementary school curriculum. www.ncat.edu/~childres/tecchome.html

Contact ITEA: 

Contact ITEA International Technology Education Association 1914 Association Drive, Suite 201 Reston, VA 20191-1539 (703)860-2100, FAX (703)860-0353 www.iteawww.org itea@iris.org

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