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Learning activities close to the children’s world : 

Learning activities close to the children’s world

The game: 

The game Individual games, in pairs, in groups and in teams against each other, against the teacher and against the game itself there are speaking games, reading games and writing games games inside or outside the classroom, Total Physical Response Games (TPR), word games, guessing games Board games, card games, games based on drawing, musical games

Total Physical Response : 

Total Physical Response It is based on the idea of giving a comprehensible input (Krashen, 1982) through commands which the student responds to with physical actions rather than verbal phrases.

Songs : 

Songs Songs can help reinforce language, consolidate lexicon and structures, favor practicing listening abilities and teaching sounds and rhythm , as well as offer an introduction to the traditions and folklore of a foreign language.

Rhymes and chants : 

Rhymes and chants The characteristics of repetition and the presence of actions favor the weaker students or those with learning difficulties; these activities are less discriminating for the weaker students, respect the different learning styles, encourage the positive dynamics of the group and cooperative learning, since the students must work together in the production phases.

Storytelling : 

Storytelling It plays a role of primary importance both in children’s educational process and in the early teaching of English as a foreign language. It plays a central role in the growth and education of children, for it is a motivating and fun activity in addition to being a socially shared exercise It stimulates a positive attitude towards the foreign language It stimulates fantasy

Puppets and visual aids : 

Puppets and visual aids Puppets, images and gestures are very important for making the storytelling activities efficient, especially when the children begin studying a foreign language at an early age. The children remember the words as though they were images


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