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HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Gabby Sauceda Period: 3


Hypertension Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common condition in my family and affects my father.


Symptoms A person with high blood pressure may never experience any symptoms, because the only way to know is to monitor you blood pressure. Possible Symptoms : Severe headache Fatigue/confusion Chest pain Irregular heartbeat Difficulty breathing


Causes Age Heredity Stress Level Obesity Sodium Sensitivity Alcohol Use Gender Medications Lack of Exercise High blood pressure isn’t contagious, but can be maternally transmitted from a mother to her child. Specific causes are not known, but it is influenced by a number of factors.


Prevention High blood pressure can be avoided by living a healthy lifestyle, including: Eating a nutritious, low-fat diet Exercising regularly Decreasing sodium intake Reduce smoking/drinking alcohol Monitoring blood pressure Maintaining a low stress level The risk of having HBP is higher for people of older age, African Americans, men under 55, and women over 65.


Treatments Treatment for HBP begins with a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise. Medication is also added to reduce symptoms and risks of heart disease, stroke and kidney problems.

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The first description of hypertension as a disease came from Thomas Young in 1808 and Richard Bright in 1836. Hypertension and its risk of heart attacks and stroke was not understood until the 1950’s. Hypertension is most common in developing countries, especially in the Middle East and west Asia.

Hypertension Research :

Hypertension Research The American Society for Hypertension has its headquarters located in Brooklyn, New York where t heir scientists, clinical investigators and other members work to prevent and treat hypertension and its consequences.

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