Create Site Audit Report In 5 Mins

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Create Site Audit Report In 5 Min. : 

Create Site Audit Report In 5 Min. GR Rajesh

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How do you know if your website is working the way it should be? Our 5 min guide will show you how to evaluate your online presence for improvements.

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Project To Do 1. Identify the project goals 2. Do a SWOT analysis of the site 3. Measure the social search visibility

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01. Identify What are the project goals? What are the current meta tags? What are the top keywords you would like to focus? How old is the domain age? How good are the navigational links? Crawl-able? IMRI

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02. SWOT Analysis How many pages of the site indexed by SEs? How many links coming back to your main section of the pages? What kind of content delivery mechanisms being used? Can your reader share your page to his Facebook network? Which is bigger – the code or text of your site? IMRI

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03. On Social Search Does your website appear in the TOP 5 of the social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg? How many of the targeted keywords appear within Top 10, 20 and 30? How frequently do your update your web page contents? RSS / XML syndications are linked within the blogosphere? What tools you use for measuring the website and site revenue performance? IMRI

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