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Vehicle Tracking Systems with GPS Facilities make your Fleet Management System Easier


About Us Island communication is an organization that helps you upgrade you owned vehicles with GPS IOT sensor technology. Many vehicles which were bought earlier may not have the facility of GPS. You can rely on us exactly for this activity.


Track your Vehicles using your Smartphone or Laptop Your smart phone or laptop has easy access to internet and with this you can easily access to our tracking platform that is already connected to your vehicle. Whenever you need you can check the status of your vehicle with the help of your smart devices or IoT sensor and devices.


Get Informed Easily of any Wrong Activities that are Going on in Your Vehicles Using GPS fleet management will let you know where your vehicle was last spotted and if there is any mechanical fault. There are many types of trackers. Some will show you only the location while the others are more highly advanced.


Get to Know the Speed Limits used by the Driver At roads you have to be very particular about speed limits. Using vehicle tracking system you can know the speed at which your vehicles is moving. You can caution your driver and avoid road fines.


GPS can be Used any Time GPS tracking can be used at any condition. Any weather condition will not hamper the working of GPS. You can expect accurate results every time you use this system.


Get In Touch Island communications helps your vehicles with tracking facilities. For any queries you can visit our website at https://icl.mu/ or mail us at sales@icl.mu. You can also visit our office at 13C, Volcy de la Faye Street, Beau Bassin, Mauritius . Our contact number is 230 467 2323.  

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