Negative Effects of Social Networking

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Reasons to Hate Facebook:

Reasons to Hate Facebook By: John Stewart

Sure…It is Good in Some Respects:

Sure…It is Good in Some Respects Stay in contact with friends easily, regardless of distance. Share all of your pictures with all of your online friends. Easier to make plans/discuss class related activities. A cure for boredom


Unfortunately… There are many negative effects associated with the use of facebook . Lower School Performance Job Termination Not Physically “Being There” is Bad No Sleep is No Good You Don’t Want EVERYTHING Revealed

Lower School Performance:

Lower School Performance Studies have shown that extensive use of social networking sites lowers attention spans, resulting in lower grades. Addiction to anything is bad; facebook is addicting.

Job Termination How Can it Get me Fired?:

Job Termination How Can it Get me Fired? I know you miss your relatives and want to keep in touch, but facebook at work should be avoided. 72% of companies’ employees spend 1 – 1.5 hours on social networking sites (including facebook ) per day. Not Productive

Not Actually Being There Jane Posted on Your Wall “Happy Birthday!!!”:

Not Actually Being There Jane Posted on Your Wall “Happy Birthday!!!” Not as good as being with friends and family. This deprives you of REAL social interaction. May make distance grow between you and your friends/family unintentionally.

Self-Induced Insomnia:

Self-Induced Insomnia People spend countless hours on this site looking to “add” people they sort of know so they can be friends. Many use this as an alternative to real social interaction. We need these real connections.

Privacy Goes Out the Window:

Privacy Goes Out the Window How much information do you want EVERYONE to know about you? “Privacy Settings” mean nothing when your account is hacked. Friends of friends of friends...

Disturbing Practices:

Disturbing Practices Facebook’s CEO has done some very unethical things to make facebook huge. All of those apps have your information. Very difficult to delete a facebook account. The application itself sucks “The Social Network”

Questionable Ethics:

Questionable Ethics Facebook’s CEO has been accused of guessing other people’s email passwords in order to discredit them. This same CEO decided to settle a court case for 65 million for allegedly stealing the idea for facebook .

Countless Applications:

Countless Applications Applications you add have access to all of your data. The companies behind these applications are often times not large enough to be trustworthy with your data.

Facebook Termination:

Facebook Termination Simply de-activating an account means you can still be tagged, have your wall wrote on, etc. Log in, and it is like nothing happened Actually deleting an account takes several clicks in the help menus.

Why Does Facebook Suck?:

Why Does Facebook Suck? Unwanted invites to groups/events. Countless opportunities to add applications from friends. “Top News” – do you really care?

“The Social Network”:

“The Social Network” May have been a Hollywood movie, but much of it was true. Watch it, you will see many of the things talked about here in action.

The End:

The End Thank You for Watching! Any Questions???


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