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InterWeb at the University of Jos By Stephen A. Akintunde, PhD Deputy University Librarian (Systems) University of Jos: 

InterWeb at the University of Jos By Stephen A. Akintunde, PhD Deputy University Librarian (Systems) University of Jos

Where we are: 

Where we are Internet Access and web browsing now a reality at the University of Jos (since May 2001) Web site hosting and maintenance next Status versus: Computer literacy rate on campus Access to ICT by staff and students Support from University Administration


Progress Campus Wide Area Network One of three campuses networked Distance a major problem for total network: Wireless, or Satellite

ICT Leaders: 

ICT Leaders It’s a Team work Computer Centre MIS NUNet University Libraries

The Computer Centre: 

The Computer Centre A great start: Director with neither a PC nor office! Today: Computer Centre is too small for the many facilities! So, what next?

Management Information Systems Unit: 

Management Information Systems Unit First thoughts: Administrative unit or mainstream Computer Centre? Get going- Databases Payroll System Personnel records Student records Demographic Academic On-line registration Identity cards production

Nigerian Universities Network (NUNet): 

Nigerian Universities Network (NUNet) Timely birth Customised structure helpful No limit to possibilities

The University Libraries : 

The University Libraries Grandmother of them all First thoughts Digitization efforts Library catalogue Other library records Services to clients Computer-Aided Literature Search Serials List Web browsing Printing Electronic mail Portals Power back up - Solar What next? NVLP

ICT Administrative Structure in the University of Jos: 

ICT Administrative Structure in the University of Jos In the beginning The Old structure What Benefits Why it was dumped

The New ICT Structure: 

The New ICT Structure What hope for the future? Oversight Committees ICT Coordinators

Change Agents: 

Change Agents Internal Change agents Effectiveness curtailed by bureaucracy Outside Change agents Freedom exploited

Internet Access : 

Internet Access Connect! The trial period Access fee structure The first steps Who bears the cost? How about the infrastructure? Can’t wait any longer! Operational Imperatives

Web Page Design: 

Web Page Design The Way Out Internship Programme Students are Creative & Fast learners Intlinet class Teachers are also taught! Web Masters Club Way to improve on designs

Updating Web Pages: 

Updating Web Pages “Webmaster” needed Interns still important

Goals for the Future: 

Goals for the Future Versatile Internet Service Provider Academic communication fully on-line Synchronized personal number for both staff and students Virtual library


Credits Mr. E. G. Eseyin Mr. S. E. Adewumi Mr. Daniel Yakmut Coach Cliff Missen, and Noble Interns and Apprentices

Thank you all … and …: 

Thank you all … and … Welcome to virtual Reality

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