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Cosimo Chiffi, Loredana Zani, Angelo Martino TRT Trasporti e Territorio WP 4 – tasks and activities for TRANS-TOOLS Air Module Updating airports database and O/D air service matrix (based on VACLAV db)


Modelling strategy adopted for including budget air services in the O/D airline matrix: USING WEB-SEARCH ENGINES TO IDENTIFY AIRPORTS AND CARRIERS RETRIEVING O/D BUDGET PAIRS BOTH FROM AIRPORTS AND AIRLINES WEBSITES (main sources with updated information) SELECTION OF AIRLINES BASED ON FARE STRUCTURE (considering also national and regional carriers) SELECTION OF O/D PAIRS BASED ON FLIGHT SCHEDULE (considering seasonal scheduling and number of flights per day)


A list of 368 low-cost and regional airport cities and 94 carriers in Europe was retrieved from web-search engines like easylow.com Also a complete list of IATA and ICAO codes for European airports was used to help the detection process


Main source: low-cost airline’s websites (updated frequently) Selecting criteria: flights operated at least 3 times a week and not seasonal have been considered Additional source: airport’s websites (timetable, flights per week & period, additional airlines)


69 companies considered 1165 low-cost connections added to the original Vaclav database Market complexity: in addition to low cost carriers (LCCs) also national and regional airlines use to offer budget fares to their clients on certain routes


Distances have been calculated using the great-circle distance formula, that is the shortest distance between any two points on the surface of a sphere measured along a path on the surface of the sphere: The formula needs latitude () and longitude () of any airports considered. Coordinates for new points were retrieved directly on airport’s websites or on the URL worldaerodata.com (based on data provided by the U.S National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) Distances between airports


250 knots (463 km/h) for Distances <300 km – Aircrafts ATR-42, Fokker 50 450 knots (833 km/h) for Distances >300 km – Aircrafts A310, A320, B737 30 minutes bias added to consider take-off and landing operation Estimated times have been compared with scheduled times for a sample of O/D pairs Total Flight Time


Tickets purchased in advance: no more than 1 week for business 1 month for personal purpose 3 months for holiday trips Travel Costs


The original GIS Vaclav layer has been updated and now contains a total of 522 airports, covering all European NUTS3 regions where an airport with connections of such importance is located. Missing destinations were found during the construction of the O/D budget matrix (based on airline’s websites) and the check for HUB conventional links. A total of 91 new points were added to the original layer, included airports with seasonal flights or not directly related to the O/D matrix.


All major airport’s conventional connections were verified comparing the list of destinations in the matrix with the actual scheduled flights. Actual current connections were retrieved directly on the websites of airports and operating airlines as well as the OAG web-search engine used for varying departure dates


This check has highlighted that several connections were missing (Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Turkey and also some national flights to/from Athens) In total 508 additional O/D connections were detected and included in a matrix similar to budget flights matrix Flight distance and travel time have been calculated as for budget services A correlation between costs and travel distance has been found for each purpose in the original O/D matrix and then applied to estimate costs for missing connections


Also a list of 41 connections no more operated has been identified as well as 12 new airports to be added to the airport layer

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