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Fairfax County School Bus Diesel Retrofit Project: 

Fairfax County School Bus Diesel Retrofit Project Fairfax County Department of Vehicle Services April 29, 2004


Background Air quality non-attainment Prior interest in alternative fuels Grant programs for emissions improvements

Program formulation: 

Program formulation Overall objective(s) Components of program Retrofit alternatives Programmatic alternatives Contract solicitation Contract execution

Project Goals: 

Project Goals Reduce school bus contribution to air pollution First phase of complete diesel fleet retrofit Concurrent initiatives 2-year project for school buses 5-year window for entire diesel fleet


Concept Replacement of mufflers with diesel oxidation catalysts Reprogram of ECMs on T444E engines Limited number of early demonstrations

Candidate technologies: 

Candidate technologies EPA Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program “Verified Technologies” Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Fuel treatments Alternative fuels Other technologies accepted by EPA

Candidate technologies -- DOC: 

Candidate technologies -- DOC + High reduction (50%) of HC (ozone precursor) + Easy to install + Fairly widely available + Lower cost + No periodic maintenance + Useable on any diesel engine + No special fuel - Lower emissions reductions than others - No NOx benefit

Candidate technologies -- DPF: 

Candidate technologies -- DPF + High reduction of HC, CO, and PM + Easy to install + Widely available - No NOx benefit - Moderately high cost - Requires periodic maintenance - Electronically controlled engines only - Requires ULSD

Candidate technologies -- Fuel treatments: 

Candidate technologies -- Fuel treatments PuriNOx B20 (Biodiesel) Cetane enhancers Fuel-borne catalyst

Candidate technologies -- Alternative fuels: 

Candidate technologies -- Alternative fuels CNG Propane M100 (Methanol) B100 (Biodiesel)

Project structure: 

Project structure Contracted retrofit (parts and labor) for all buses with 3 years or more remaining life Reprogramming of predominant electronic engine ECM (T444E) DOC treatment of choice Documentation of processes


Procedures Two “tasks,” multiple awards possible Offered County work space, or vendor could use own Vendor responsible for bus transport Vendor certifies compatibility and performance Scheduling of buses

Other provisions: 

Other provisions Provided list of bus configurations CDL required for bus movers Evidence of ability to complete work Additional work procedures Minimum number of buses Must bid on all buses in Task Vendor removes scrap County QC audits Documentation of processes Minimum warranty of one year

Bid evaluation: 

Bid evaluation Cost per bus Reductions beyond benchmarks (Task B only) Compliance with specification EPA-accepted No special fuel or additive No additional maintenance Meets minimum emissions reductions


Schedule Pre-bid conference Feb. 5 Awards were made April 2 Begin work within 8 weeks ARO 2-year completion goal

Current Status: 

Current Status Initial funding approved ($2M) Grant funding (DVP SEP) expected ($1M+) Early demonstrations slow starting Work to begin mid-May to early June Vendors projecting 6 and 10 per day

Further information: 

Further information Contract Administrator: John Provost, CPPB John.Provost@fairfaxcounty.gov 703-324-2328 Technical representative: Dave DuVal Dave.Duval@fairfaxcounty.gov 703-324-3554

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