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Meeting Freight Data Challenges: What Industry Needs Doug Grane, President Central States Trucking

My Presentation…: 

My Presentation… Freight Industry Trucking Industry CS Trucking Government Roles Industry Needs Partnership Opportunities

Freight Industry is Complex…: 

Freight Industry is Complex… 6 Class 1 railroads; 550 Total 1.2M freight cars 200K employees 170K miles of track 51 Deep Water Ports; 148 Total 8000 ships 12K miles of commercial waterways 12M – 20M Containers Truck-Rail second fastest growing 75% air cargo moved by non-U.S. carriers Fastest-growing sector over time Expedited: Truck vs. airplane? 640,000 Trucking Companies 10.1M employees; 3.2M truck drivers 2.8 million large trucks; 20M commercial trucks 4.9M trailers

Trucking Realities: 

Trucking Realities Trucking Heavily Regulated Highly Competitive Safety Issues Complex 71% - 75% of Crashes Caused by Cars Largest Mode: 68% of Tonnage; 86% of Revenue Operating Margins SLIM: 3.6%

Trucking Industry Snapshot: : 

Trucking Industry Snapshot: Total Tonnage Moved: 2002 - 8.88 Billion Tons 2008 - 10.1 Billion Tons … A 13.7% increase in 6 years. Truck VMT growth 70% between 1998 - 2018 U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast…To 2014

Top Industry Issues 2005: 

Top Industry Issues 2005 1. Fuel Costs 2. Driver Shortage 3. Insurance Costs 4. Hours-of-Service 5. Tolls/Highway Funding 6. Tort Reform/Legal Issues 7. Government Regulations 8. Congestion 9. Environmental Issues 10. Truck Security * ATRI Survey of 4200 Trucking Companies

Top Industry Issues 2006: 

Top Industry Issues 2006 1. Driver Shortage 2. Fuel Issues 3. Driver Retention 4. Hours-of-Service 5. Congestion 6. Government Regulations 7. Highway Infrastructure 8. Tort Reform 9. Tolls/Highway Funding 10. Environmental Issues ATRI Survey of 4500 Trucking Companies

Central States Trucking: Facts & Figures: 

Central States Trucking: Facts & Figures CST Founded in 1980 Second-Generation Ownership Multi-Modal Services Container Dray Ded. Contract Carriage Line-Haul Warehousing Positive Revenue Growth: 2003 - $21M 2007 - $42M

Central States Trucking: Facts & Figures: 

Central States Trucking: Facts & Figures Assets: 200 Tractors 300 Trailers People: 110 O-O 90 Company Drivers 40 Warehouse Staff 60 Office Personnel 300 Families!!

Freight Transportation Planning…: 

Freight Transportation Planning… Multiple Agencies Involved Federal Highway Administration State DOTs MPOs / RDCs Municipalities Not to mention: FMCSA, CBP, USDA, TSA, IRS, PHMSA, FBI, etc.

Freight Transportation Planning Products: 

Freight Transportation Planning Products UPWP Policy Plans City Comp Plans TIPs STIPS Long-Range Plans Shortest window: Approx. 2 years…

Juxtaposed with Industry…: 

Juxtaposed with Industry… 6 – 24 Months Planning Slim Margins: 3.6% High Data Sensitivity Unreasonable Shipper Contract Expectations (e.g. 95% - 98% on-time delivery) Longest window: Approx. 2 years…

Typical Industry Data Sets: 

Typical Industry Data Sets Origin-Destination Financial Data Operational Data Tonnage VMTs Fuel Consumption Travel Times

What Does Industry Need from Gov’t ?: 

What Does Industry Need from Gov’t ? Infrastructure Capacity Faster Travel Times Streamlined Regulations Greater Recognition/Awareness of the Role of Trucking (You can’t put everything in a rail box car)

Partnerships? Yes!: 

Partnerships? Yes! Partnership Rules: Do Not Ask for Data You Do Not Need Do Not Use Our Data to Raise Our Costs/Put Us Out of Business Do Not Share Our Data with Others Make an Effort to Understand the Industry


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