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Vertical Software Solutions 2006-2010: 

Vertical Software Solutions 2006-2010 DM 240078 10-2006 Copyright © Tekes

Verso – Vertical Software Solutions: 

Verso – Vertical Software Solutions DM 190134 03-2006 Copyright © Tekes Programme duration: 2006–2010 Programme volume: approx. 120 million euros, of which Tekes provides 56 million euros Further information: DM 240078 10-2006 Copyright © Tekes

What is the Verso programme?: 

What is the Verso programme? A market-based technology programme Its main aim is to digitalise business processes and to promote expertise relating to business activities and internationalisation within businesses, selected customer sectors and clusters The programme will help to generate new, innovative software products and services that are both customer- and market-oriented, as well as integrated and comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of important application areas and customer groups in the international market. It also enhances the establishment and development of customer-sector or function specific miniclusters DM 240078 10-2006 Copyright © Tekes

Goals for companies in the software business: 

Goals for companies in the software business Substantial growth (10-30% annually) in the international business operations of participating software businesses Finnish software SMEs grow by transferring to the international customer-sector software market Expertise specific to the sector, business and software are combined in new, innovative ways Enhanced international business expertise and stronger networks Customer-sector specific clusters develop through networking The possibilities of utilising open standards and open-source code Substantial enhancement of companies’ business and product development processes The usability of Finnish software solutions is internationally top-class The identified actual need for customers steers all development activities within the company Businesses gain a foothold in innovation centres in Shanghai, St Petersburg, etc., near the growing markets DM 240078 10-2006 Copyright © Tekes

Goals in industry and services: 

Goals in industry and services The participants who utilise the programme will greatly improve their competitiveness with solutions developed through the programme Combining sector, business, and software expertise improves the quality of comprehensive solutions – data security, usability The participants who utilise the programme will be the first to have access to customer sector solutions that substantially enhance business processes DM 240078 10-2006 Copyright © Tekes

Goals in research institutes : 

Goals in research institutes Supporting projects and expertise generated during the programme: new customer sector innovations, integrated comprehensive solutions, open standards, open source code Improving expertise and service capacity in the areas of the business activities, commercialisation and internationalisation of the software business Giving businesses efficient access to international, world-class expertise Software business in an internationally distributed multicultural environment, e.g. near-shoring, outsourcing and off-shoring

Added-value generated by the programme: 

Added-value generated by the programme Developing customer- and market-oriented software products and services Comprehensive solutions developed with the programme will enable Finnish SMEs to compete more effectively in the global market The programme will substantially enhance total revenue growth of software businesses focusing on specific customer sectors Strengthening and internationalising miniclusters oriented towards specific customer sectors Enhancing business expertise and strengthening SMEs’ networks in software business Combining sector, business and software expertise in new, innovative ways Substantially improving the competitiveness of those utilising the different customer sectors (i.e. end users), using solutions developed through the programme The programme will enhance national and international collaboration between software businesses and sectors deploying the software The programme will allow research institutes, universities, colleges, and companies to collaborate more closely both in Finland and internationally DM 240078 10-2006 Copyright © Tekes

Enhancing business expertise and internationalisation through the programme: 

Starting-up businesses Developing businesses Established businesses EU Russia China USA India Latin America Japan other countries productisation commercialisation distribution channels segmentation marketing piloting sales financing law, IPR earnings models value networks competitive edge value proposition off-shoring Due Diligence VC financing acquisitions fusions joint ventures listing International business Basic business operations Consolidation Customer sectors 2007 finance trade construction games and entertainment Potential customer sectors 2007-2010 public sector energy forest healthcare Enhancing business expertise and internationalisation through the programme DM 240078 10-2006 Copyright © Tekes

Contact information: 

Contact information Programme manager: Keith Bonnici, Tekes Programme coordinators: Profict Partners Ltd. Jarmo Kalliola Seppo Ruotsalainen Marit Tuominen Sari Lehtinen Further information: DM 240078 10-2006 Copyright © Tekes

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