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ESL Student Self-Correction of Student-Recorded Speaking Activities Dawn E. McCormick, M. Christine O’Neill, and Claire Bradin Siskin ESL Course: Speaking University of Pittsburgh Research Questions: What errors are students able to identify within given proficiency levels [low-intermediate (3), high-intermediate (4), advanced (5)]? Across levels? What errors are students able to correct within given proficiency levels [low-intermediate (3), high-intermediate (4), advanced (5)]? Across levels? RSA Steps: Students are given written prompts on familiar topics. Students digitally record their responses to the prompt. Students listen to their created texts and transcribe them in a text box. Students listen again, taking notes on their errors and possible corrections in a text box. Students digitally record their corrections. Teachers listen to the recorded texts and corrections, and digitally record positive and negative feedback for each individual student, and provide students with grades. Students listen to the teachers’ feedback and take notes as evidence that they have listened. Sample of Student Work: Activity designed to provide student with the opportunity and the time for self-correction of spoken language. Student transcript of spoken text: Level 4 RSA #4 Student notes on corrections: Level 4 RSA #4 halloween is a holiday, but little bit different for thanksgiving and christmas.because halloween is not regular holiday.because,people just have a fun or enjoy on halloween. on halloween, i hung out with my friend i gave candy for children. so i saw lots of weird charecter like which and ghost. i think people dressed on costume. i think people only dressde up as a weird chareter but some people dressed up on cute charecter like bunny girls and i saw a couple wearing a nurse and a doctor. it is very interesting. i want to do trick or treat. but i can't do that because i'm too old. i saw chirdren do trick or treat and i give a cnady for them. i heard about people start trick or treat around two or three years old until the sixth grade. but i saw some people i think still college student like that. but they do trick or treat also when i gave a candy,they didn't say thank you. sometimes very angry. and I went to halloween party on my apartment but i didn't know about the party just i did know one hour before i heard about the party i didn't perpare halloween costum so i can't enjoy them..... Recorded Speaking Activity (RSA): little bit different for>it differ from betwwen thanksgiving and christmas have a fun> have fun like which and ghost>like a which and a ghost i think people dressed on costum>people drssed on a costum on halloween dressed up on cute> dressed up on a cute charecter. wearing a nurse> dressed up as a nurse it is> it was i want> i wanted i can't> i couldn't chirend do trick or treat> trick or treating i give> i gave but i saw some people i think~> but some people looked a college student just i did know> just iheard one hour before halloween party i can't >i couldn't enjoy Focus for Fall - Program Pilot: In order to serve the participants involved and collect the RSA data needed for the project, we used Revolution to design a program that took students and teachers through the RSA process step by step and saved the data for the project. Student comments on RSAs: “It’s important to find our mistakes by ourselves.” (Level 3) “RSA activities is the most helpful activities because it’s challenge for me and I can correct by myself.” (Level 4) “At first I was scared of the computer. Now it’s like a pet.” (Level 5) Next steps: Redesign the software program for improved appearance and performance. Continue with data collection in all speaking classes for the next two terms. Begin data analysis.

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