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9/30/2019 Best Ipad Apps - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 1/6 Best Ipad Apps FuGenx Technologies Sep 30 · 3 min read

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9/30/2019 Best Ipad Apps - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 2/6 Proof Hub is an all-in-one project management software that solves all the problems that a growing team faces. This is a place for your projects teams and work-related information. The love-proof hub of NASA Disney Netflix Taco Bell and more has made managing work simpler than ever. Top features: Reduces project delivery time Good control over projects and time collaboration Achieve good work satisfaction 2. iWork Apple has made the iWork suite of productivity apps free for anyone buying a new iPad or iPhone making it the best free apps for doing anything on the iPad instantly. The iWork suite includes pages word processors numbers spreadsheets and keynote which is great for creating and viewing presentations. If you want to skip Microsoft Office or just need a subscription-only functionality iWork is a great alternative. 3. Dropbox

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9/30/2019 Best Ipad Apps - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 3/6 If you’re going to be productive with your iPad you’ll need to get some files from your PC or Mac into your iPad. That’s where Dropbox comes into the picture. Easy way to get access to your word processor documents and spreadsheets Dropbox gives you 2 GB of free space before you upgrade to a premium account. 4. MyScript Calculator The traditional calculator is great for quick arithmetic but if you want to multiply 26 by 42 divide the answer by 8 and then add 4 You can do this in a calculator but it is much easier to write a whole calculation at once than it is to count one part at a time. MyScript Calculator does the same: it takes a handwritten computation and does the math for you. 5. How many can brag about carrying two million words in their tote bag This is the kind of ability that the app gives you but you may not want to brag about it unless you want to be considered some kind of book geek. The app does not require an Internet connection to check words so you always have quick access to check your spelling check the meaning of an unknown word or look up synonyms in a

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9/30/2019 Best Ipad Apps - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 4/6 thesaurus. You can also tap the microphone and speak the word you’re looking for. 6. Pocket Ever see an interesting article or website but don’t really have time to enjoy it Pocket is the best way to save these websites later because with Pocket you don’t need an internet connection to read the website. When you pocket an article or video it saves it on all your devices making it easy to find wherever you are or whatever device you have. 7. iTranslate We may not meet the Star Trek standards but the Universal Translator concept came a little closer when it hit the iTranslate App Store. translate which serves more than 50 languages has some of the most popular languages with free tones meaning you can hear how to pronounce words better than reading a text. It also has built-in voice recognition although you must purchase transactions to gain access to that feature. 8. LiquidText

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9/30/2019 Best Ipad Apps - FuGenx Technologies - Medium 5/6 Liquidtext can be used to visualize web pages from PDFs to PowerPoint presentations and then pull out bits and pieces to create a unique document. This makes it great to work on work presentations or research projects. You can also save your work on a variety of cloud-based storage options such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive. The custom version allows you to work on multiple documents at one time. If you are looking for quality mobile app testing services at a very affordable rate contact us. Fugenx Technologies a leading mobile app development company in USA USA India has experienced a team of testers to check the functionality usability stability and security of your application. . . . Originally published at Mobile App Development App App Development Mobile Apps Mobile Discover Medium Make Medium yours Become a member

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