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Frisco’s 2009-10 5th Grade! : 

Frisco’s 2009-10 5th Grade! Who We Are Through Our Eyes!

Sarah : 

Sarah I love soccer it is so fun So is skiing to I have a dog she is fluffy I have a cat to she is fluffy too!

Veronica : 

Veronica I love purple and green. Boot cut jeans are my favorite. I like school. (most of the time) I have a dog named Ruppert. I love long hair, I hate short hair.

Alex : 

Alex Tall Likes to play football Comedian Outdoorsman Explorer Able to type Fast writer Favorite color Green Snowboards

Brianna : 

Brianna I like to ride my bike Reader Student Skier Writing Math My sister Natalie

Dean : 

Dean Dirt bikes Basketball Fishing Hunting My dogs Playing with my friends Skateboarding

Eduardo : 


jefte’ : 

jefte’ I love basketball Soccer Snowboarding Video games drawing Snow music Science

Kara : 

Kara I love black jeans My second favorite color is purple I like math and science I like long hair I have three dogs named Brady, pumpkin, and gretta.

Megan : 

Megan Dancer Tennis player Cross Country skier Hiker Sophi is my fave. dog

Mady : 

Mady basketball Snowboarding Snow the Arcade Video games my dog (Murphy) Science music

Sophie : 

Sophie I love to play gymnaststics Reader Student I like purple I have there sisters and one brother Writer

Spencer : 

Spencer Love to play soccer in the summer Skiing in the winter Avid reader Have fun in the wild (love exploring)

Tuomas : 

Tuomas Plays hockey Likes drawing Reads books I love math and science I like computer games Likes Indiana Jones

Carly H. : 

Carly H. Has 4 dogs (Greta ,Lena ,Annie ,Choley). Loves to read Wants to be a marine biologist. Great skier Loves nature

Tiler : 

Tiler Dirt biking Swimming Hunting Fishing I have a Dog and cat

Ty : 

Ty Love to play soccer Good skier and snowboarder Love animals Like all sports

Carver : 

Carver Love to skateboard Love to play football Favorite subject in school is math Favorite sport is snowboarding

Kate : 

Kate Loves tennis and soccer Loves animals Great skier Reader I love Math and science Fun Friendly Tom boy

Lilli : 

Lilli I love softball! Volleyball is fun too! Dogs are my favorite animal I have two fish named Bubbles and Sam I like to have FUN and be CRAZY! Skiing is really cool!

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