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From general dentistry to implants, we have a professional dentist for all of your needs in Palm Beach, Plantation, and Coral Springs FL. Smile big today! For more details Log on:


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IMPROVING YOUR SMILE THROUGH COSMETIC DENTISTRY TEETH WHITENING Teeth can become discoloured because of: Aging Tobacco use Diet Plaque and tartar Yellow brown or otherwise discoloured teeth can make you look older Teeth whitening helps restore your white smile so you can feel more confident PORCELAIN VENEERS Water-thin sheets attached to your natural teeth for an improved appearance Veneers are designed to look like your normal teeth-only better Can be used to correct chips cracks gaps discoloration misshapen teeth and more BONDING Tooth-colored resin is applied to your existing teeth and then hardened The resin is chosen to match your teeth so the bonding looks completely natural Can be used to correct chips cracks and decay or as protection for exposed roots CROWN LENGTHENING Helps improve the appearance of a ‘gummy’ smile where the teeth look too short Gum and bone are reshaped so that more of each tooth is revealed Can be performed on one tooth or on the entire gum line DENTAL IMPLANTS Permanent replacement for one or more missing teeth Help to keep gum tissue and jaw bone healthy Secured in the jaw using a titanium root so they look and feel like natural teeth CLEAR BRACES A discreet way to correct issues such as crooked gapped or crowded teeth Custom designed smooth trays are removable to make daily life and cleaning easier More comfortable than traditional metal braces with no brackets or wires TOOTH-COLORED FILLINGS Less conspicuous than metal fillings so you don’t have to be self-conscious Made of either composite resin glass and plastic or porcelain Composites are more flexible reducing chances of the filling cracking Friedman Dental Group 9825 West Sample Road Suite 100 Coral Springs FL 33065 1-866-341-6395

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