Risks of not conducting Background Screening

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Risks of not conducting Background Screening


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Risks of not conducting Background Screening :

Risks of not conducting Background Screening

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Most companies these days hire employees without giving a serious thought to check if the produced documents and files are honest and authentic. In some demanding situations Organizations are in the dire state to hire people as long as the candidates agree to the company’s terms. This often leads to the Organization being ignorant about the candidate’s authenticity and their claimed reports. Generally qualifying a person for a job position without checking his/her certificates or documents may results in the decline of the company’s prominence. We come across the news much often these days on crime, forgery, theft, frauds, murder. All this teaches us never to trust a person loosely based on their appearance or their language. Anything can go wrong on so many levels when you allow the wrong person inside a place that is highly protected and reputed.

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To overcome every threat that these kinds of unreliable people could bring inside a Company or any business sector the background check agencies are booming like never before. Their take against individual theft cases and their solution to fix every Organization’s possible threats are life saving. In spite of all this there are still companies who do not trust in the effect and output of a Background verification agency . But this carelessness could cost their very business.

Non background checks on drivers leads to::

Non background checks on drivers leads to: The incident described below happened when an Organization failed to conduct background check on their drivers: A driver of a XXX security agency absconded with 45 Lakhs cash when he went to fill up cash in the ATM center. Then the concerned bank made a police complaint, while enquiring about his background they came to know all the documents which he submitted while joining were fake and they were also shocked to hear that he does not belong to the state and native that was claimed via his document. What’s the profit they gained? They had lost 45Lakhs money. Is this a right way to select a driver for highly confidential tasks? “Should we have background checks, waiting periods? To drive a car you have to pass a test that shows you know how to drive your car safely” - Michael D.Barnes

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To overcome these issues Fourth Force, a Background Check Company has emerged with a strong team of retired Police officers to run background verifications for all crucial business sectors and in this case on cab drivers who have been hired by the organization without any proper field verification on the individual. With Force Force’s part an Organization can also be sure whether the document given by the new employee is authentic or not. Fourth Force will submit the criminal records, court cases records, and a unique identity check record and also verifies relevant driving license documents and the previous employment details of the cab drivers.

Non background checks on employees leads to: :

Non background checks on employees leads to: The YYY bank hired a bank manager for one of its branches. Bank managers are highly authorized to sign all the loans, commercial papers of the bank; security claims, etc. Given this position nobody can question the bank manager when he/she is given this level of authority to carry the bank’s tasks. Things will work right is the bank manager is credible. But what if he/she is not? This position will then help them pull some fraudulent behaviors such as creating fake email ids, fake documents and cheating customers in different ways and also flee with some serious money. “ Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game.” - Blake Edwards

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When Fourth Force team was contacted to run a background verification on every single employee working in the bank, based on physical field verification they were able to red light all the employees with weak background records. This indeed saved the bank from a huge risk of bringing their business and their clients down. These are just a couple of cases from thousands. Be wide eyes about bring open to running background checks before hiring your next employee. For More Details, just logon to: http://www.fourthforce.in/services.php

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