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Four Solar is a leading Home solar companies in hyderabad, with world class experience in EPC of solar projects for residential gated communities and individual homes. Four Solar believes in free power that residential owners will consume for life.


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Four Solar is an advocate of ‘Privatization of Power’. Home Solutions

Enjoy Free power:

Enjoy Free power Enjoy Free Power Install rooftop solar system, generate your own power and enjoy free power for life. The greatest benefit of rooftop solar is CLEAN & FREE POWER. A typical home with 5 KW installation will get return on investment within 5 years . This means, a home owner enjoys free power for 20–22 years. That is almost a lifetime for several of us.

Privatization of power:

Privatization of power Four Solar is an advocate of ‘Privatization of Power’. It is a wonderful feeling to be energy independent. Independence is a good feeling! Independence from grid power is a new feeling ! The rooftop solar revolution has already begun and is the beginning of ‘privatization of power ’. Go Solar, Go Private.

Return on investment:

Return on investment For a 4-bedroom house with an electricity bill of Rs. 10,000 per month, we suggest a 10-12 KW system costing about Rs. 7-8 Lakhs with 5 years return on investment (ROI) post 30% subsidy and 7 years ROI without subsidy . Customers can enjoy FREE POWER for 20-22 years post ROI with minimal expenses. Life of solar panels is 27 years


Let’s join the solar community and enrich our lives!


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