Best porta cabin manufacturers in Lagos, Nigeria

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We are the best porta cabin manufacture in Lagos, Nigeria. We manufacture best quality cabins. Porta cabins are also known as portable cabins these are prefabricated structures which can move from one place to another as per your convenience.


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Benefits of having portacabins in Lagos Nigeria Fosatrade integrated ltd. is a private construction company and we are specialized in prefab house portacabins fabrication of steel structure and architectures. We have services like designing 3D modeling branding and fabrication. Our goal is to deliver a safe and quality product efficiently and productively we remain focused on our goal. We have a team of the professional construction team that provides you the best construction facilities our company is growing since starting. The sandwich panel structure is made up of three layers low-density core and a thin layer skin bonded to each side. These panels are used in an application where there is a high need for structural rigidity and low weight. Sandwich structure is popular and widespread because of its composite that is strength and lightness. It comes in different forms like core and skin material which varies widely the core can be honeycomb or solid filling it is versatile. Panels that are closed are known as cassettes. We have the facility of sandwich panel installations in Lagos Nigeria. Trimo sandwich panel is made up of fireproof material rock wool sandwich with two prefinished steel skins that’s why high strength wall or ceiling panel is formed. Fosatrade integrated limited provides Alco board cladding services in Lagos. For building exteriors aluminum cladding is used most. Aluminum is very lightweight metal as it is durable 100recyclable and corrosion-resistant. In the aluminum panel ranges the Aluco bond is the most recognized.

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Portable cabins are known as Porta cabins these are prefabricated structures you can move these from one place to another as per your convenience. First of all the builder assembles all the parts when the products are completed and transported to the location. Portacabins are also known as factory built a system built and prefab houses. These cabins are made with basic building frame with heavy gauge mild steel sections. Each section is welded to form a frame i.e. wall panels windows and doors are fitted side and end walls base frame flooring system roof paint insulation and inner paneling. We have the best quality porta cabins as we are the best porta cabin manufacturer in Lagos Nigeria. There are many advantages to Portacabins:  These are cost-effective time-saving easy to dismantle safe strong and durable.  There is no danger of lighting in raining season or no fear of short circuit as these are insulated.  There ambiance is awesome economical workspace and proper sanitation facility.  These are very affordable these can boost business also as having affordable building gives a good impression  This gives genuine look you can do a meeting here.

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