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Are you looking for Best Dental Implants Clinic in Hyderabad? Our specialists provide high quality treatment with advanced dental care procedures and world


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Dental Implants Dr Ajay Krishna BDS, MDS Prosthodontist and Implantologist B.P.S Specialist Fellowship I.C.O.I (USA )

Dental Implants :

Dental Implants What is an Implant? Make of an Implant?? The   tooth implant  is a little titanium fixture that is surgically placed into the jawbone to hold a dental prosthesis (replacement tooth, bridge or denture) in place. It replaces the root of a missing tooth and provides an anchor for the dental prosthesis. Advantages of Dental Implants: Minimally invasive (keyhole surgery) Enhanced Smile Improved chewing Improved speech Prevents further bone loss Different Implant Techniques Single piece Dental Implant  (single tooth implants) Conventional Dental Implants  (single tooth and multi-tooth implant Immediate Dental Implants  (Teeth-In-a-Day) Fixed teeth in 3days  TM


Different Implant Techniques 1.Single piece Implant at $320 This unique treatment offers new opportunity for people who have a missing  teeth  with less surgical procedure and less pain in one visit. If you are finding it odd to smile with a missing teeth (or) fractured tooth and difficulty in eating (or) speaking? Fortunately  Focus dental care  has the solution. 2.Conventional Dental Implants   This is a very popular technique where all the  artificial teeth  will be supported by 4 implants in lower jaw and 4 implants in upper jaw. This technique can be done on patients with  minimal bone  support and patients walk out with a fixed implant supported bridge. Stable replacement of upto 12 teeth on only 4 implants by tilting the two  posterior implants . No Bone grafting is required.

3.Immediate Dental Implants :

3.Immediate Dental Implants   The patient does not need to wear a removable denture, which greatly increases comfort, psychological factors, function and stability. The patient can start chewing from day one. 2nd stage surgery is eliminated. 4.Fixed teeth in 3days  TM This tecnique is developed by  Dr. Ajay  for patients with missing teeth or people with severely debilitated dentition.  Focus Dental Care   Implant department is headed by Dr. Ajay an accomplished and respected dentist. Our center is carefully planned and designed to give you superior  dental care  in a relaxing, warm environment.Dr . Ajay will restore back your lost smile with Immediate  Dental Implant  solution available for single and multiple missing teeth.

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