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FocusDentalCare is one of the Best Dental Implant Hospital in Hyderabad, dental implants are the right solution to support number of dental prostheses.


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Your smile has always been one of your most attractive features. However with the passage of time, your teeth starts losing their shape and after a certain period, you start losing your teeth! Your SMILE, your LAUGHTER that has always been your asset is gradually fading out! This is where we come to the picture. At  FOCUS DENTAL CARE , we deal with all sorts of teeth problems. If you are talking about one of the best dental hospital in hyderabad , then we are the name to be reckoned with. We have all kinds of modern equipment at our disposal that makes us one of the pioneered dental centre in hyderabad and our mission is to be the  best dental clinic in A.P . Process of Dental Implants – Focus Dental Care Introduction


DENTAL IMPLANT IN Focus Dental Care Dental implants in India  is being carried out in thousands of clinics and hospitals. If you consider doing  DENTAL IMPLANTS in Hyderabad , then FOCUS DENTAL CARE should be your destination. Visit us to know more about implants . The process of implants involves4 different steps :- STEP-1: DENTAL IMPLANT EVALUATUION  Very first step of implant procedureis the evaluation of your candidacy for dental implant. Patient who are good candidates for dental implants are often those who have strong bone density in the jaw. Which can allow adequate support for the implants. For this we conduct few tests to reach the conclusion i.e.., RADIO GRAPHS STUDY MODELS

DENTAL IMPLANT IN Focus Dental Care:

DENTAL IMPLANT IN Focus Dental Care STEP-2: DENTIST-PATIENT SESSION  Having done an initial assessment, it is time to have a short assessment with the doctor where we can discuss about Your budget Your option (of implants) Risk factors involved etc. STEP-3: PLACEMENTS OF DENTAL IMPLANTS  If everything goes well, then next step would be implant placement and the process includes Extraction of teeth Bone grafting Implant placement A thin titanium screw is placed in the jawbone. This screw will acts as a tooth root. It is left there for 3-4 months for it to fuse to the jaw bone, this process is called as Osseo integration. STEP-4: PLACEMENT OF CROWN The third and the last step of Dental Implant procedure is called Implant restoration. The placement of permanent dental crown. Once the dentist has determined that the titanium implant has fused to the jaw bone, a dental crown custom designed to blend in with the natural teeth will be fixed to the Implant.


Focus Dental Care Services Personal Care : We at FDC give at most importance to your comfort, we understand your demands and try to achieve them at every part of the treatment and make your stay in Hyderabad a memorable one. Our international patient’s coordinator will be there to guide you in suggesting the best local cuisines or negotiating on your behalf in shopping . Low Cost Dental Treatment Priority Appointments , No Waiting Time World Class Infrastructure


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